Hunters of Terra: New Dungeon & Adventure


Our scouts have discovered a Mechanoid drill on Terra and more importantly, a passage leading underground. Of course, we immediately began inspecting the location and got as far as establishing a forward camp before Phytonides emerged, drove our units back, and forced our squad to retreat. We need your help to claim these areas.


The first scout squad attempted to transport an ether beacon to the cave but faced heavy resistance from Phytonide forces. Find the group, help them clear the enemy outpost, and deploy the beacon as planned. They cannot do it without you, and it will be an invaluable opportunity to learn more about these dungeons. Perhaps we’ll finally learn more about the Mechanoids and the past of Terra. After all, this is their home planet.

The Phytonides have dug in well, so prepare yourselves for a difficult battle. It would be best to explore in groups of three. Get in, get out.


Of course, clearing out the cave and planting the beacon is only the beginning of our journey to discover more about this subterranean location. Before they were forced to fall back, our scouts managed to collect some data on the area. According to the readings, there is a multi-level network of tunnels under the caves.

Data also suggests that there is heavy Mechanoid activity below. The Phytonides and Mechanoids are clearly not working together—there is evidence strewn around that suggests they have also clashed. Not only that, but we have found temporary bases and scouts affiliated with the Draconids nearby too.

Once you’ve secured a position in the caves, you will need to scout the first level of the tunnels and set up another camp. With so many enemy factions nearby, we cannot afford to get lost or separated in this maze. The outpost will allow us to continue conducting research while you go on ahead. Facing so many enemies in unknown territory will be difficult, so running with a small fire team will be more efficient. We recommend a group of five immortals.

Grab what you need, upgrade any equipment, and get ready to explore the depths of Terra with your allies. It is imperative we unravel the mystery of what’s going on down there and what the Mechanoids are planning to do on this mysterious planet.

Prepare to delve into the depths of Terra when the new update, Hunters of Terra, launches on PC on June 2, with PlayStation and Xbox following on June 3!