[PC|PS|XBOX] Class Spotlight: Bounty Hunter

"If you can't solve a problem with explosives, you simply didn't use enough."


Bounty Hunters are fearless fighters, always ready and raring to go. They enjoy rolling up their sleeves and heading into the thick of battle to punish their enemies. Bounty Hunters are driven not by rage as others are, but by cold calculation. They enjoy their work and never back down from a good fight—especially if there’s good money involved!

The Bounty Hunter's weapon of choice is a hand mortar, a high-tech cannon capable of firing shrapnel charges and launching grenades at enemies. Its mid-range projectiles cause huge explosions that can take out whole groups of enemies in a large area, as long as you remember to pick up rounds!


Bounty Hunters do well both in solo activities and group adventures. They are most adept at medium range where they can deal significant damage to multiple enemies at once, but are also capable melee combatants. Their unique ability to reap rewards for the enemy's head allows them to earn some money on the side.

Aside from powerful weapons, this class has other high-tech devices and gadgets up its sleeve. For instance, use antigrav and levitate in the air above enemies, offering a good—and unexpected—position for bombardment. On the off-chance you get taken by surprise, the Bounty Hunter’s energy shield will come in handy.


Ability Description
Targeted Attack Targeted Attack Deals damage to the enemy. Restores 8 points of energy.

Critical hits have a 12% chance to reset the cooldown of Dirty Work, and using the ability will stun the target for 4 seconds. If the target cannot be stunned, 2 ammo units will be spawned next to them, and the Bounty Hunter can pick them up.

There are two types of ammo: rounds and energy cells. Certain abilities of the Bounty Hunter can be improved using a specific ammo type.
Blind Fire Blind Fire Deals damage to enemies in a large area in front of the Bounty Hunter. The smaller the distance to the target, the more damage they take - up to a 50% bonus.
Headhunter Headhunter A series of 4 shots, each dealing damage and restoring 12 points of energy. The Bounty Hunter can use it while moving, but it will slow them down by 70%.

The fourth shot will trigger the companion's attack and apply Bounty to the target, increasing the damage of Powerful Shot by 20% and awarding the Bounty Hunter a certain amount of credits for the kill.
Dirty Work Dirty Work A melee attack that deals damage and creates 2 ammo units near the target.
Nothing Personal Nothing Personal A shot that deals damage. Uses charges that accumulate over time.
The Guild Sends Its Regards The Guild Sends Its Regards Attaches a sticky bomb to the target. It explodes in 8 seconds, dealing damage to the target and all enemies within 12 yards. The explosion will also apply Contusion to the main target, increasing their chance of taking critical damage from the Bounty Hunter's abilities by 25% and from other Sticky Bombs by 50% for 8 seconds.

If the target is in combat, the bomb is detonated in 4 seconds.
Especially Dangerous Especially Dangerous The Bounty Hunter's critical hits deal 50% more damage for 6 seconds.

Consumes all available rounds and extends the duration of the ability by 2 seconds per round.
If the Bounty Hunter picks up rounds while under the effect of the ability, its duration is extended by 2 seconds.
Aegis of the Bounty Hunter Aegis of the Bounty Hunter Creates a shield around the character that reduces incoming damage by 90% for 7 seconds.

Consumes all available energy cells and reduces the cooldown of the ability by 10 seconds per cell.
No More Games No More Games The Bounty Hunter leaps into the air and throws grenades down at their enemies for 14 seconds, dealing damage. After that, they land in the selected spot, dealing damage and stunning enemies for 3 seconds.

Consumes all available energy cells and reduces the cooldown of the ability by 10 seconds per cell.


Don’t forget, as with the other classes, additional talents can be unlocked by completing certain quests on Thea and Terra. Unlock your full potential!

Talent Description
Aelerium Buckshot Aelerium Buckshot Nothing Personal and Blind Fire leave a wound on the target that deals an extra 10% damage for 4 seconds and has a 20% chance to reduce the cooldown of Explosive Rounds by 3 seconds.
Reflected Impulse Reflected Impulse When you take damage while Aegis of the Bounty Hunter is active, your Critical Chance is increased by 8% for 3 seconds. The effect stacks up to 4 times.
Inevitability Inevitability Headhunter deals 20% more damage, and using Especially Dangerous resets its cooldown.
High-Capacity Munitions High-Capacity Munitions Increases the number of picked-up rounds and energy cells.

This class will be available for all players to unlock two weeks after the release of the Hunters of Terra update, launching June 2 on PC, June 3 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and June 4 on PS4 and PS5. If you want to become one of the first Bounty Hunters in Aelion, you can purchase the Collector's Edition and start playing it on launch day!


Prepare yourselves, Immortals!