Invasions: Preparations & Knowledge

Peace on Aelion is merely an illusion created by the constant protection from all threats by the Immortals, Aelion’s mighty defenders. Citizens that inhabit this peaceful planet remain blissfully unaware of the dangers these otherworldly invaders hold until they find themselves thrust into reality as their very home falls victim to the enemy’s relentless assault. Maintaining this way of life is important to the morale of Aelion’s populace however there are times when the truth cannot be ignored any longer. Invasions are an inevitability and the Immortals must ensure they are properly prepared to face this threat head-on.

In order to properly ready oneself for the impending Invasion it’s necessary to explain how players can acquire the prerequisites that allow them to not only participate in Skyforge’s Invasions, but even stand a chance at surviving them as well. To begin, players seeking to participate in Aelion's defense will need to acquire their Divine Form through the New God Storyline mission at 30,500 prestige. The initial preparatory steps are quite straightforward and require relatively minor support from each Pantheon, as they will need to push their Academy to level 3 in order to unlock the Ether Projector. Pantheons will also need at least 1000 Energy to utilize the Ether Projector in its most basic form. Additionally, higher amounts of power can be achieved through upgrading the Power Unit, if required.

Pantheon ready for Invasions

Upon acquisition and powering up of the Ether Projector, Pantheon members gain access to the Invasion Talents tab within the Bonuses category of their Pantheon menu. This is where players can expand their knowledge and earn higher resistance to the effects used by invading armies. Researching Rank 1 provides a very small bonus for free and is also mandatory to take part in the Invasion activities. Certain adventures, which require higher resistances to enter, will also be available during the Invasion period. Players may gain the necessary items to increase their resistances by completing Order missions for Energy Modules and by slaying enemies in Invasion activities for Knowledge.

Pantheon Bonuses - Resistances

Invasions are not to be taken lightly and require a well-rounded and coordinated team to be successful. Without proper preparation players will not succeed and their failure would result in the loss of many innocent lives. While prayer and blissful ignorance is a common response to these potential threats among Aelion’s citizens, these should always be viewed as a constant danger which must be dealt with swiftly. These looming Invasions are just the beginning and there are certainly even greater perils waiting in the darkest corners of space for the opportune time to strike, wiping the surface of Aelion clean in the process.