The Mechanoid's Assault Continues!

Knowing quite well that our biological forms require significantly longer to repair than their empty mechanical shells, the Mechanoids have regrouped and launched their second wave! While Aelion is no stranger to the Mechanoids, their current actions have gone beyond what we believed their forces capable of. We will need to reassess the threat they pose to Aelion and its inhabitants to ensure we do not fall prey to their fiendish plans.

Skyforge Mechanoid Invasion

The Mechanoid’s false departure has caused much unrest among Aelion’s citizens but they return knowing full well that we have become stronger with their passing. With the Mechanoids returning again, players can continue to increase their resistance to any deadly environments spread during the many battles that lay before us. In addition, further progress can be made on the Mechanoid Atlas allowing players to reach any goals that were left incomplete during the initial wave! We know the enemy and we are stronger for it – We will not lose!