Paladin Class Guide

Paladins are powerful warriors that wield a sword and shield and channel their Righteous Anger to vanquish their foes and protect their allies!


A Paladin flying solo can unleash the full force of their Righteous Anger to punish those who dare trespass against them. Initiate fights with Onslaught II to group your enemies together and follow up with Holy Ground to boost your offensive abilities and make your combo attacks free. Use Celestial Seal to quickly dispatch enemies facing you and use the Righteous Verdict effect as soon as it triggers. Divine Scourge decimates enemies all around you as opposed to in front of you—the more enemies around you, the greater their punishment. In battles against particularly strong enemies, follow your Holy Ground up with Radiant Aspect to maintain a relentless assault!

Celestial Shield I, Aegis of Light, and Waves of Wrath are all defensive abilities which can be used to shield yourself from enemy attacks.



In a team, the Paladin’s role is tank. You will be distracting enemies and drawing their ire so their focus is on you and not your more vulnerable allies. Charge at the enemy with Onslaught II to knock them down and pull them and their allies closer. Waves of Wrath is next to knock down the remaining enemies and get their attention. Waves of Holiness also forces all nearby enemies to focus on you. Use a combination of Holy Ground and Verdict to keep enemies focused on you when your Waves of Holiness and Onslaught II are not available.

Protect yourself while tanking damage with your Celestial Shield I and Aegis of Light but space their use out carefully to give yourself maximum defense while leaving as few openings as possible. If a particularly strong enemy sweeps you off your feet, you can stand right back up using Radiant Aspect, which not only frees you from crowd control effects, but boosts your power and transforms the ground you walk on into Holy Ground!



Defensive stats such as General Defense and Protection Against Minions/Elite are the priority when you’re in a team. Main Damage and Critical Damage are best if you wish to play solo.

Ability Description
OII Onslaught II Paladin rushes towards the enemy and attacks with their sword, inflicting X damage and slowing the enemy down by 90% for 3 seconds, during which the slowing effect is gradually reduced. Inflicts 120% more damage for every 0.5 seconds spent charging towards the target, but no more than 600% of extra damage. Pulls all hostile monsters in a 12 yard radius towards them and prevents them from moving for 3 seconds. Forces the enemies to attack the Paladin for 3 seconds. Consumes Righteous Anger.
HG Holy Ground Creates Holy Ground around the Paladin for 15 seconds. In this area the Paladin’s combo attacks do not consume Righteous Anger, and the Paladin inflicts 30% more damage. Only one Holy Ground may be active at a time.
VD Verdict Attacks the enemy from a distance, launching a chain lightning at them that strikes up to three more enemies, dealing X damage to each. Final attacks in combos may grant the Righteous Verdict effect to the Paladin which will make this ability free, instant, and 100% more powerful. The chance of activating the effect depends on the combo length and the available energy. Activates companion’s attack.
DSc Divine Scourge The Paladin jumps in the air and inflicts X damage to all enemies in the landing spot. On the Holy Ground or for 180 points of Righteous Anger: the area of effect is increased, and damage dealt is increased to X. Damage is increased by 50% for each target beyond two - up to a 200% bonus when you hit 6 targets. Fourth attack in the combo.
RA Radiant Aspect Removes all negative effects from the Paladin and teleports them to the selected target. Inflicts X damage to all nearby enemies and knocks them down. Makes the Paladin immune to control effects for 15 seconds. Creates the area of Holy Ground next to the Paladin.
CS Celestial Shield I Creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 17% of the Paladin's health. If the shield is destroyed within 10 seconds, it will explode and inflict X damage to nearby enemies, stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
AoL Aegis of Light Creates a barrier around the Paladin that absorbs incoming damage and makes them immune to control effects and removable effects for 4 seconds.
WoW Waves of Wrath Attacks the nearby enemies with a sword, dealing X damage and knocking them down. The weaker the enemy, the longer they stay down. The ability does not require a target. Consumes Righteous Anger.
WoH Waves of Holiness Inflicts X damage over a few seconds to all enemies in a large radius around the Paladin. Provokes the enemies into attacking the Paladin for the duration of the ability and for 3 seconds after that. The ability does not require a target. The attack continues for as long as the button is held down.
SoL Seal of Light Inflicts X damage to the target and all enemies in the line behind it. On the Holy Ground or for 100 points of Righteous Anger: the area of effect is increased, and damage dealt is increased to X. Inflicts additional 150% of damage to monsters with more than 80% health. Second attack in the combo.

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