[PC|PS|XBOX] Exoskeleton Module Sale

Get in the robot, Immortals! You can buy new Exoskeleton Modules in the ‘Special Offers’ section of the in-game Market from now till February 23 on PC and from February 17 till February 24 on PS and Xbox. New Modules that were previously only earnable via Adventures and special events were added to the sale. It’s a golden opportunity to finish upgrading your existing Exoskeleton.


If you’re new to building Exoskeletons, the Pillar of Faith Exoskeleton Base is a good starting point, as it can boost your Companions’ attacks in combat. Add further Modules to your Exoskeleton to attain new combat-enhancing boosts and abilities, including Companion-aiding attacks and enhanced speed and durability.

The following Exoskeleton Modules can be purchased now via the in-game Market:

  • Punishing Hands
  • Shelter of the Faithful
  • Arbiter’s Step
  • Steel Grip
  • Celestial Embrace
  • Boots of the Undying (PC only)
  • Cuirass of the Undying (PC only)
  • Current Supply (PC only)
  • Railotrons (PC only)
  • Rear Electrode (PC only)
  • Conductors (PC only)

To equip an Exoskeleton, you must first complete the Exoskeleton part of the ‘Equipment Upgrades’ questline. Find out more about Exoskeletons in the dedicated article.

Mix and match to find your perfect loadout!