Skyforge Developers Answer Your Questions Part V

Yesterday we asked the community to post more questions about Skyforge for the developers to answers. We've been documenting all the questions and sent them over to the dev team, however, in the meantime we still have more community questions to answer!

Over the next seven days we're going to be answering a few questions each day on the Skyforge Facebook Page starting right now!

Day One

Day One
Question #1: What is prestige? Can you tell us more about it?

Answer: It's very simple. Prestige is our analogue of Gearscore, i.e.. equipment rating. It is the sum total of all your character stats. The indicator of Prestige reflects the development of the character. It increases as you unlock new nodes in the Atlas, acquire new pieces of equipment or gain more followers.

Question #2: Since we have no levelling system, can we go to any location or instance right in the beginning of the game? Or there are some limitations after all?

Answer: The system of instances implies different levels of difficulty that determine the reward. That is why the content is progressively unlocked. To put it simply, the instances are tied to the amount of prestige your character has. The better your character is developed, the higher their prestige is and the more adventures they can go on.

Day Two

Day 2
Curious about your future character’s equipment? This is the subject of today's Skyforge Developer Q&A:

Question: What will be the main source of top-end equipment (quests, shop, craft)? Is it standard or are there special properties depending on the origin?

Answer: You can obtain the equipment from bosses. Their strength varies depending on the activity. However, the equipment only makes about a third of the prestige of the character. You will also need to progress through the Ascension Atlas and win the faith of your followers to become more powerful.

Tomorrow we're going to answer a question about bots & cheating in Skyforge!

Day Three

Day 3

Players are always worried about cheaters and bots. We would like to speak to this subject today!

Question: How will bots affect the “prowess” of the players? How are you going to deal with scripting?

Answer: Combat in our game is very dynamic and varied. Situation assessment, positioning and decision making are all human factors, and it’s almost impossible to automate them.

Skyforge is our internal project, so we can promptly respond to all attempts to automate gameplay and make corresponding changes in the structure of the server, if such precedents occur. Preventing cheating is very important to us which is why we’ve spent a lot of time and effort to implementing systems to prevent it. However, it should be noted that we will not be discussing out anti-cheating countermeasures publicly.

Tomorrow we'll be answering a questions about recognizing your opponents’ strength!

Day Four

Day 4
Today we're talking about opponents and how you determine whether to attack the enemy, wait for back-up or avoid it altogether.

Question: Will there be analogues of markers that indicate the power of the character? For example, if I look at a weaker opponent, the special indicator next to their name is green; if they are equally strong, the indicator is yellow; and if they are stronger, it glows red.

Answer: We have, of course, implemented this system for monsters, because it is easy to estimate their strength and compare it to your character’s stats. However, in a situation where you face off against another player in PvP, it is rather difficult to take into account all possible factors and display accurate information for enemies. However, you can get some idea of your opponents’ strength by looking at the icons of classes and the indicator of their character’s prestige.

Tomorrow we'll be talking about how players will communicate with each other both in and outside of Skyforge!

Day Five

Day 5

For today's Developer Q&A we're going to answer a question about how players communicate with each other both in the game and out of it!

Question: Will there be a global chat? After all, there is one server. Describe the chat system, please.

Answer: Game chat is an interesting topic we’ve been discussing internally. Classic MMO-game chats will not work in Skyforge given that there is one server for each territory. Just imagine how many messages there will be in the world chat at any given time…it will look like an unreadable wall of text! Because of this we have abandoned the idea of a chat tab for the entire server.
Instead, our team came up with a rather innovative idea! Our programmers wrote a special chat service that will allow players in the game to chat to friends that are reading messages from other devices. This means that you can chat with other players regardless of whether they are in the game or not.

Our chat supports zone rooms, rooms of gaming communities, guilds and custom rooms. We are trying to implement a complete, comfortable, modern function, while keeping in mind that this is still a game chat. But, since we are developing this service for you, any feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Tom morrow we'll be answering a question about play tests for upcoming features after Skyforge launches.

Day Six

Day 6
We're almost finished our week of Skyforge Developer Q&A's but today we have a very interesting question we'd like to answer!

Question: Will the developers maintain a Play Test Server after the release?

Answer: Yes, we believe that public testing of future content is a good thing. First, the players will have a unique opportunity to explore a new part of the game and discuss it immediately. This type of feedback is very important for the development team, as it helps to correct some of the features and make them more convenient and interesting.

Second, and equally important, PTS helps to fix a number of possible errors at the stage when the update is not yet installed on the game server, and to avoid serious problems both for developers and players.

To improve the quality of testing, we created an in-game interface for submitting bug reports. It will speed up the process and save some time.

The next question we're answering is about the type of weapons the classes in Skyforge will wield so be sure to come back tomorrow!

Day Seven

Day 7
If you were a god, what weapon would you use to crush your enemies? We found a question like this on the forum that we simply had to answer!

Question: Judging by the latest trailers from E3, the characters wield either huge swords or some magical technological gizmos. Will there be realistic, “classic” weapons, so to speak?

Answer: Given the setting of the game, where the hero is an immortal and a future god, the focus should not be on realistic weapons, because we are not playing in the real world. Yes, of course, weapons of certain classes have classic, realistic appearance, e.g. bow, staff or exotic Kusarigama.

However, we should keep in mind that it’s a game with its own fantastic world and its own history, so unusual weaponry is expected. In short, we believe that any player will be able to find a weapon to their liking.