Skyforge Update - 17/01/2018 - 0.96.15

Stand together Immortals!

It's the first patch of the new year, and this rings a new beginning for us as well! We talked in our producer letter about the many changes that we have planned for 2018 so let's begin by fixing things and improving on others.

We are bringing back the"Strength in Unity" stat! This stat increases the damage of the group, depending on how many members use a different class. Unlike before, this stat now applies to every member of the group and not only attacker classes.

UI Bugs? UI BUGS! We smashed them. For example, the voting window now disappears once a vote has passed. Also, players in adventures should see the correct cost of a divine form.

Some economy changes were applied in this patch too. Since the special rates are now over, we revised some of the rewards. From now on, you will always receive a large amount of "Credits" and "Knowledge of Enemies" for completing adventures.

Generation 12 aspect jewelry has been added. You know the drill: Defeat the avatars of the new invasions and you can get your hands one of the new shinies! The good news: modifiers for this equipment are now equal to the modifiers for mythical equipment with maximum integrity. Equipment containers now contain equipment of the actual season.

But what about new loot? Don't worry we got you covered - Defeat the generals of four distortions and the champion version of Thanatos to receive the "Reapers of Death Terror Armor". Take a peek below:


  • Factory 501 has been captured by Reapers of Death.
  • Returning to the game with some adjustments is Strength in Unity - a stat increasing damage in accordance with the number of members of different classes there are in a group, the more members the bigger the increase. This stat now applies to all group participants, not just the attack classes. Strength in Unity can increase damage by up to 40%. The current damage bonus can be seen in the stats window when you are in a group.
  • The rank 4 premium bonus now increases Strength in Unity for all members rather than an individual multiplier for damage and health.
  • Fixed the issue in which the Unity of Aspects ring could increase critical damage by more than the specified amount.
  • Now each equipment container will take up a separate bag slot.
  • The quality of an item will now be upgraded not with Knowledge of Enemies but with Credits.
  • Marks are sold for 400 credits instead of 600.
  • The daily reward for opening the Cathedral is reduced by 35 000-50 000 Credits (depending on the Cathedral's level).
  • Equipment containers now contain equipment of the actual season.
  • The quantity of Marks of the King received from distortions is no longer reduced because of a high rank of the character.
  • Added a reward for defeating the leaders of the Reapers of Death! Defeat the generals of four distortions and the champion version of Thanatos to receive the Reapers of Death Terror Armor. Victories in this season will be taken into account.


  • Button for exiting operations is now in the right place.
  • You can now compare equipment. To compare, open the description of the item you like and click Shift.
  • When a divine weapon is activated, its charge is displayed beneath the health bar. Where the resource is.
  • Invitations to a Pantheon now show the nickname of the person that is inviting.
  • You can only add combat consumables to the Quick Access Panel.
  • Fixed the issue where the last ability learned at the class temple would not have a description.
  • The vote window no longer gets stuck after the vote is complete.
  • Fixed the issue where players in adventure could see a wrong cost of divine form.
  • Verdict is no longer duplicated on the panel after a change of class.
  • Text in the Group Synchronization window no longer goes outside the interface boundary.

  • Flavius's Laboratory now opens at the Reapers of Death section by default.

  • Pressing "Open the campaign" will open the page of the province you viewed last.
  • When replacing stats using an invalid modifier or equipment piece, you will now see the appropriate error message.
  • Fixed the invalid notification of Premium subscription extension.
  • When using Rebirth Flame, you will now see a warning if you decide not to lock any stats.
  • Corrected the information window displayed when you assign an ability to an additional mouse button.


  • Fixed the visual effect of Emblems of Pain. They are now used 50% faster.
  • Fixed the issue where the Halo of the Oceanid Vindicator could turn a random color.

Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge

  • If the building has reached its maximum development, great rituals and major research become cheaper.

Flavius's Laboratory

  • Resolved issue in which the talent study button could disappear.


  • Fixed the bug where killing Bloodthirsty Shaaz on Dankit Island was not counted.


Cronnel Platforms

  • Fixed the bug where Ignis could kill his own allies with a fire ring.
  • Water altars are now only activated out of combat.
  • Fire guards around the altar only appear at the relevant stages of the adventure.


Frenzied Carrions

  • Fixed the issue where adding more members to the group would cause issues with rewards.


  • Corrected the reward for defending mining stations/attacking bases.


Reward for Service (directive):

  • the amount of Knowledge of Enemies and credits has been increased by 25%.

Ether Chests:

  • the amount of currency will remain increased by 20%.

Killing monsters:

  • the amount of Knowledge of Enemies is increased by around 28%.

Completing adventures:

  • the credits reward is increased by 30%.


  • The reward for the first run is increased from 60 to 100 Marks. Reward for other runs is reduced from 35 to 25 Marks.
  • Credits rather than Knowledge of Enemies will be used to upgrade equipment.
  • The cost of upgrading equipment has been reduced.

Legendary jewelry.

  • Generation 12 aspect jewelry has been added. You can obtain it by defeating avatars of invasions. Good news: modifiers for this equipment are now equal to modifiers for mythical equipment with maximum Integrity.
implacability unity
wrath zeal
  • You will no longer receive duplicate items. Which means you have a higher chance to receive the piece of jewelry you need.
  • Changed the stats of Aspect jewelry.
  • Bonus to Critical Chance from Unity of Aspects has been reduced from 2% to 1.5%.
  • Bonus to damage from Wrath of Aspects has been reduced from 10% to 8%.

Combat Statistics

  • Fixed the issue where damage in statistics was displayed as a negative value.



  • Corrected the visual effect of Holy Ground when it is used with the Lament and Sorrow sword and shield.


  • Fixed the sounds for Rapid Fire.
  • Fixed the duration of the Missile Salvo effect that increases damage. It lasts 3 seconds.


  • Fixed the visual effects of Volley Fire.


  • Fixed the issue where the companion would not disappear.

Style Room

  • Skater Goggles no longer remove beards from characters.
  • Fixed various versions of Skater Goggles.
  • Fixed the color option icons and description for Winter Celebration Halo.


  • The camera's battle view mode (after a character has died) correctly switches between group members again.
  • Memorial statue in the park has been optimized.

Known Bugs

  • Aelerium replicators temporarily do not work on the reward for killing Kairax.