Dark Omen: Pantheon Merger Tool

Pantheon War Tournaments, which involves participation from large communities, arrived to Skyforge in early December. Players qualify in PvP arenas, kill bosses in rating Distortions, make bids for territories, capture temples, fight for resources and earn points for the Space Program. Unfortunately, not all Pantheons are able to fully prove themselves in these activities due to their size. Smaller communities face difficulties gathering groups and the required number of players for Distortions, participation in rating PvP battles, and the titular Pantheon Wars.

Most often individual players resolve this problem by joining a different Pantheon. This has caused small Pantheons to lose a significant number of members and some have ceased to exist altogether, losing all their progress: credits, structures and resources.

To help the Pantheons facing such problems, we are adding a new function to the game in our latest update, Dark Omen,that will enable two or more Pantheons to merge. This merger will enable the major share of Pantheon and player achievements to be saved.

How do mergers take place?

When two Pantheons merge, each Pantheon must have a minimum of two commanders. The process can get underway with a Pantheon Merger, which is a special item that can be obtained in the market. Using this, the commander of one Pantheon makes a merger proposal to the commander of another Pantheon, after which both groups take a vote. While the vote is active, neither Pantheon can accept new players. If the vote favors a merger, the Pantheon that initiated the merger takes over the other Pantheon.


The Pantheon that has been taken over ceases to exist and its members join the other Pantheon. The available capacity of the Pantheon proposing a merger should be the same or more than the combined total of both Pantheons. If the takeover results in the main Pantheon having more members than it should, it can only accept new members when spaces become available.

The merger process can be repeated but only two Pantheons can merge at one time.

What is kept and what is lost after a merger?

The players of the Pantheon that is taken over keep their rights as commanders and clan members following a merger, but founder and legionnaire titles will be removed. The interface listing members will display the name of previous Pantheons next to character names. The list will also display information about the credits, construction resources and cooperation points earned by players.

Personal progress in Distortions will be saved and the number of Distortions available will depend on the analyzer level of the Pantheon that has taken over.

Order missions, linked to the Pantheon, will continue to update according to the normal rules. Teams registered for rating PvP battles are kept and in the first rating readjustment, the new Pantheon starts to be counted in the PvP rating.

The structures of the Pantheon that has been taken over will be destroyed, and 50% of the credits and constructions resources spent on them will be transferred to the account of the Pantheon that takes over (resources for unfinished structures will not be returned). The main Pantheon account will also receive all the resources and construction points of the other Pantheon, which is completely dissolved. It ceases to exist in the game and in the portal as do its coat-of-arms, description, image, and its academy is also dissolved. The Pantheon that is taken over will also lose its Tournament progress and any auction or temple bids it may posses.

We hope this innovation will be useful to smaller communities and prevent players from missing out on some of Skyforge’s more interesting activities. Join forces, gather a team, and take part in the great fight for first place in the Pantheon War Tournament!

Please note that while this item is available with the release of Dark Omen, the item's appearance in the Market may be delayed to ensure proper functionality.