Tips from Flavius: Group Activities

Flavius comes to us again, seeking to lend all players a hand when joining their fellow immortals in some of Skyforge’s group content! Flavius, despite opting to spend the majority of his time participating in scientific endeavors, has been known to coordinate many military operations which makes him the perfect candidate to provide this essential knowledge!

Tip 1. Completion of Squad & Group adventures with other players increases the reward players receive at the end of the adventure - Three players increases the reward by 10% and five by 15%.

Tip 2. Completing side objectives may also increase the rewards players obtain as well.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 2

Remember, to achieve the maximum rating for an adventure players must complete all tasks prior to defeating the final boss.

Tip 3. To both avoid overfilling your Inventory & making any teammates wait it’s important to dismantle any unnecessary equipment in advance as well as sell all loot that is not required in the market before starting an adventure.

Tip 4. Before activating the Group Finder for Group (5-man) adventures, decide which role will be performed. For example, if a player is seeking to fill the tank role, they should switch to either the Paladin or Knight before looking for a group.

Tip 5. As a general rule, Tank and Support classes have an easier time finding a group for adventures.

Tip 6. Having trouble defeating a certain enemy? Try changing classes or altering how the group approaches the situation. For example, some bosses don’t need to be “tanked” – Groups must instead eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Tip 7. In the event players become unsure of how to finish a certain section of an adventure or have encountered a challenging opponent, they can look for strategies & boss information in the Adventure Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia can be accessed in game or on the web via Aelinet.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 7-1

Skyforge Flavius Tip 7-2

The Encyclopedia contains descriptions for the bosses’ abilities and allows players to provide their own tips for handling the adventure.

Tip 8. Adventures can contain opponents that are much easier to avoid than kill.

Tip 9. Before engaging in combat, ensure all players’ health is completely restored.

Tip 10. If a group needs to take a break, perform a readiness check to confirm that everyone can to continue!

Skyforge Flavius Tip 10-1

Skyforge Flavius Tip 10-2

Wait for the results before entering a fight.

Tip 11. Tanks should be given first priority to Health Orbs – Supports should be second. Keep in mind this can vary based on the current situation and tactics being utilized by the group.

Tip 12. If the majority of a group has been defeated, it may be easier to begin the boss fight again rather than try to finish the job alone.

Tip 13. Learning the basic skill set of any Tank and Support class can prove extremely beneficial. The basic skill set includes all abilities located before the “Path of” node marked by the Class Icon.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 13

Not only does this increase the players overall stats but can allow more versatility if a group’s composition needs to be adjusted.

Tip 14. While the order may vary based on the specific enemies faced, groups will commonly want to first eliminate the Swarm enemy type (Three Diamonds), followed by Sorcerers (Eye) and Thugs (Sword). The final target engaged should generally be the Crusher (Shield) due to their low damage output.

Tip 15. Certain opponents have abilities that should be avoided by the entire group without exception. For example, if there is a ring of fire or a geyser underneath a player, they need to move out of the area immediately. Depending on the effect applied, players may be given the opportunity to free themselves or an ally.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 15

The faster the reaction to removing these negative effects, the better chance a group has at leaving victorious.

Tip 16. Support classes should bear in mind they are capable of focusing on allied targets by pressing (T).

Skyforge Flavius Tip 16

Tip 17. Use shields only when necessary – Activating all of the available defenses immediately will result in unnecessary damage.

Tip 18. Tank classes should always engage in combat first and be allowed a few seconds to build “aggro” – The rest of the group can join fight shortly after!

Tip 19. Remember to use consumables! Combat consumables can be placed into the Quick Access Panel via the Equipment screen and can be used or swapped with (H).

Skyforge Flavius Tip 19

Tip 20. Inactive group members can be removed by pressing (Y) and choosing the Kick option. Provided the majority of the group votes “Yes”, the player will be removed and a new player can be cycled into their place if the Group Finder was used during the formation of the group.

Tip 21. It is possible to complete an adventure prematurely by pressing (F11). However, doing so will not earn the player any rewards attached to the completion of the adventure.

Skyforge Flavius Tip 21

This concludes Flavius’s tips for Group Activities! Let us know if this edition of Tips from Flavius was useful, which information was new for you, and what would you like to read about in future issues.