Tips from Flavius: Monster roles

In Skyforge, you often encounter groups of enemies and have no-doubt noticed the icon above their heads, indicating their role in that group. These icons allow players to make quick decisions on priority targets, given the icons represent what function the enemy serves as part of their group. The health bar is also important as it gives a good indication of the overall strength or endurance of a monster.

Tip 1. There are four kinds of monster’s strengths in Skyforge: Common, Strong, Elite, and Champions (bosses).

Tip 2. Common: As their name suggests, these are the monsters you are going to meet most frequently when playing Skyforge. They have basic stats.
Tip 3. Strong: These are more serious opponents. All their stats are enhanced, and rewards for killing them are also bigger. These monsters are also frequently met in the game.

Tip 4. Elite: These are more dangerous than the Common and Strong monsters. They have partial immunity to control, and rewards for killing them are bigger than for killing other monsters. When aiming at such a creature, you will see that instead of one health bar they have 4! Usually, when the health of an Elite monster is reduced by one bar, it gives you a chance to “recharge”, dropping a Healing Orb.

Tip 5. Champions (Bosses): These special opponents are the strongest monsters in the game. They are immune to control and can have special abilities. Battles with bosses last longer than fights against a group of Common, Strong or even Elite monsters, but the reward is usually very impressive - defeating such opponents can earn you equipment. Champions have 10 health bars.

Skyforge Favius Tip

As with the Elite monsters, when the health of a Champion is reduced by one bar, they will drop a Healing Orb. There are various Champions in Skyforge, many of which have several stages of battle and their attacks change from stage to stage, forcing you to think about tactics. Even if a battle with a Champion is not divided into several stages, they can use different attacks: calling for backup, bringing up a shield or creating a dangerous area under their opponents’ feet; pulling them close, reflecting damage or, for example, causing a rockfall. Note that the detailed information on each adventure contains a description of all the opponents you can find in it, as well as their abilities.

Tip 6. There are four mob roles in Skyforge: Packs, Enchanters, Thugs, and Crushers. The role is indicated by an icon hovering above their head.

PackTip 7. Packs: These are monsters inflict significant damage but have a small amount of health. They prefer to attack as a group, so it is most effective to use skills that inflict area of effect damage.

SorcererTip 8. Enchanter These monsters have special abilities which enable them to support their allies, apply control effects or summon help. You can distinguish these monsters by their appearance, associated with shamans, sorcerers or clerics (with the exception of representatives of the nature armies and mechanisms). If a group of monsters has even one Sorcerer, they should be your first target, for such an opponent can cause plenty of problems.

DDTip 9. Thugs: Thug monsters can inflict increased damage and have a fair amount of health. Their appearance is usually characterized by various “aggressive” details.

TankTip 10. Crusher: These monsters hit rarely, but their blows are strong and they have a large amount of health. Crushers, apart from nature army monsters, usually wear heavy armor and might use heavy weapons. If a group of monsters includes such a member, leave them until later - avoid their attacks until you have disposed of all other opponents.

That is all for now – Good luck in your fights!