Dark Omen Patch Notes



  • Invasion Operations functionality has been changed. Each Operation lasts 4 hours and has had its participation rewards altered. More details will be made available in our New Invasion Operations article ahead of March 16th
  • Added a new interface of the Invasion symbols. The symbols are distributed into the army tabs.
  • Single-encounter storyline quests, related to the Mechanoid invasion, are now available for players who have unlocked access to their Divine Form.
    - While completing the Defense of Fortifications, Lending a Hand, Crash Site, Protective Field Generator, and Mechanoid Ship adventures, players will receive quests from key NPCs which will help them learn more about the game world. Note that these quests appear at different times: In some adventures, you will receive them at the very beginning, and in others - only after you have successfully completed them.

  • A single-encounter storyline quest chain will be unlocked with the next Mechanoid invasion, in which you will learn how to become an elder god. If the Mechanoid invasion finishes before you complete the Primary Target quest, all quests will be reset, and you will be able to start the chain again with the next Mechanoid invasion. After you complete the Primary Target quest in the Mechanoid Ship adventure, another single-encounter quest chain will be unlocked. If the Mechanoid invasion finishes before you complete the Avatar of the Mechanoids quest, all quests will be reset, and you will be able to start the chain again with the next Mechanoid invasion.

  • Added the ability to merge Pantheons through the Pantheon Fusion Tool
  • The maximum value of Solidity has been increased to 30%
  • The Equipment for Kills quest can now be completed more than once a day and award 3 Fluids of Incarnation for completing it.
  • Added the Helping out a Friend storyline quest, which unlocks the Saffire Air Dockyard adventure and starts the storyline video.
  • Added the Pantheon Wars costume and a Hyperion Lease Contract to the Special Contribution Set. Those who have bought the set previously will receive the new bonuses: the Pantheon Wars costume and a Hyperion Lease Contract.
  • Reduced Proficiency requirements on high-Prestige equipment items.
  • Items with much higher Prestige than that of a character can no longer be received as a reward.
  • The damage of stat-dependent abilities (such as Lacerated Wound and Power of Cold) changes correctly in the adventures with scaling.
  • It is no longer possible to purchase costumes or mounts from the Market that are already owned.

Pantheon Wars

Tessa Battles

  • After the event starts, the Portal remains open for 20 minutes. If Tessa’s trees are not damaged, the grotto closes, and the defenders receive all resources from it.
    If the attackers damage the tree with a bomb, extra time is added before the grotto closes. The attackers receive a reward which is proportional to the damage they have inflicted with bombs. An explosion extends the access only to the portal where the charge was installed.
  • If there are at least two immortals from rival pantheons in a group, the group is disbanded upon the attempt to enter the portal.
  • During battle, a player from a rival pantheon cannot be invited to the group if you or that player are currently in the grotto.


  • Another major Invasion symbol has become available for activation.
  • Aura of Cold does not immobilize characters with low resistance level but slows them down by up to 90%.
  • Aura of Hypnosis cannot disorient the same target more than once every 10 seconds.

Defense of Fortifications

  • After all opponents are defeated, the next enemy attack starts sooner.
  • Increased the explosion range of the energy circuit, which kills all enemies next to the cannon.
  • Increased the amount of Elite enemies
  • Increased the final bosses’ health.
  • Added an interface tip for the Destroyer.


Improved the font in the descriptions of rewards for reaching the research limits.

Lending a Hand

Added the final stage of the adventure where the player must hand papers to the Templars

Urgent Call

  • Changed the chance of receiving urgent calls.
  • In urgent calls, characters who have the Divine Form now can loot epic rings from bosses. Also, all characters who have unlocked Invasion researches now will receive Eidoses for killing bosses.
  • Increased the adventure difficulty for characters who have gained access to the Divine Form: Increased bosses’ damage and health. Additionally, Bosses now can summon nearby monsters to help them. The difficulty of Urgent Calls starts increasing as soon as the character starts looting epic rings.
  • Now additional quests are indicated with a marker, which is visible from any distance.

Army of Invaders

Enabled navigation for passive abilities.


Machavann’s Avatar
Jumping platforms now restore faster.

Phytonide Flagship
Slightly changed the principle of rating calculation in the adventure. Now missed sprouts can be compensated with eliminating special troops (and vice versa) to receive an S ranking.


Oceanid Incubator
Now available from the 10th Research rank.


  • If a Vindicator is demoted, he or she can only become a Vindicator again in 7 days.
  • The voting after winning in a Pantheon battle now automatically terminates in 48 hours. The automatic decision is to plunder.
  • When all Pantheon votes are ended automatically, the “Do nothing” option is selected. The changes have affected the votes for construction & upgrading of Stronghold buildings, and expelling & promoting/demoting members. The exception is the vote for making peace (the automatic option is to make peace).
  • Quorum rule works in all votes: 1 + 2/3 (rounding down) Commanders are enough to finish a vote. The exception is the vote for merging Pantheons (in that case, all Commanders need to vote unanimously).
  • Added the names of the merging Pantheons to the voting interface.
  • When a region battle is rescheduled, the members are notified in the chat.

Pantheon Wars

  • Optimized the visual effects in Pantheon Battles
  • Reduced the cost of declaring war for the first time from 1,000,000 to 50,000 credits.


Changed the appearance of the damage-increasing sphere.

Alcedon Facility

  • Movement speed of the platform has been reduced by 50%
  • Altered the performance of the cannons:
    - Blast radius of projectiles is increased from 4 to 6 yards;
    - Projectiles now have a travel speed of 1 second instead of 2.5;
    - The cannon inflicts 50% more damage;
    - Improved the visual indication of the cannon’s damage area.

Esten Quarry

  • Enemies will now receive damage while they are in the resurrection zone.
  • Combat abilities no longer work on characters in the resurrection point.

Ring of Immortals

The first damage-increasing effect will now appear after some time has passed, rather than at the start of the battle.


Enabled navigation for passive abilities in the Divine Atlas

God of Travels

Now, upon switching between maps, God of Travel’s Divine Form will stay equipped.

God of Knowledge

Changed the reward interface in missions for adepts. It now shows the item type and the required Proficiency value


  • Changed the name of the Operation Red Coast location to Red Coast.
  • Completing additional quests is no longer required to get to Antirius’s Cave and Red Coast.


  • All modifiers now work in quests for obtaining Construction Resources
  • Construction resources are no longer given as an item that can be activated but are instantly counted towards the Pantheon’s score.



Fixed a bug where Alchemist’s Creeping Horror could trigger healing from God’s of War Consumed by Wrath ability.


  • Fixed a bug where the character did not dash while casting Electric Rapid Fire and Burning Rapid Fire.
  • Improved the visual effect on the Archer’s bow in Siege Stance.


  • Kinetic’s effects no longer overshadow the lights on arenas.
  • Fixed the asynchronous behavior of the visualization of Kinetic’s Ether Explosion.


Fixed a visual bug that occurred at the end of Knight’s Battering Ram.


Changed the Vengeance Weightstone.

  • For each enemy killed, the Monk gains the Vortex effect for 60 seconds. The effect stacks up to 12 times.
  • For each level of Vortex, the damage of first Falling Mountain, Dragon Rage, and Enraged Harpy used in the fight is increased by 20/40/60%, and Stone Palm - by 10/20/30%, depending on the quality.


  • Necromancer now can jump while in their Lich form.
  • Renamed Plague into Plague Storm.


Fixed an error in the description of Paladin’s Divine Scourge.


  • Improved the visuals of Slayer’s attacks.
  • Fixed the animation of Slayer’s Shadowland.


  • Fixed the visual bug of the disappearing crows during Warlock’s/Witch’s Explosion of Darkness.


Tau Experimental Station

Changed the stage when the three control panels had to be activated in order to liberate the Death Aspect:

  • The control panels can no longer be activated in combat.
  • The poisonous gas does not disappear before it is supposed to.

Alakur Island

Deathflower Hyperica no longer uses the Jump ability in the Rage phase.

Aristel's Farm

  • Certain enemies have become stronger.
  • Changed the composition of the enemies’ troops.

Borru Catacombs

Using the Altar of Darkness (before Solas) is no longer interrupted by taking damage.


  • Added “Ignore the quality” option in the Disassemble Mode interface of the bag. By ticking it, you will disable the pop-up notification which appears when you attempt to disassemble rare or epic items.
  • Reality Rift quests are now indicated on the globe.
  • The remaining amount of Research Grants is now displayed in the Other section in the Valuables tab.
  • Reaching the limit for the research is now indicated in the interface.
  • Talents are no longer duplicated in the atlas of invading armies.
  • Added an interface map to Tiberius’s Laboratory story-line location.
  • Renamed some features of the Invasion adventures: All ships into Flagships; confrontations with “training” avatars into Comings. The final battles with the avatars are now entitled with the avatar’s name.
  • Added the option to send links to Equipment items to the chat. This can be done through the context menu (opened by right-clicking).
  • Changed the Ether Core icon in the credit limit description. Now it is a green sphere instead of a triangle.
  • The Faith interface now displays the cost of activating the Divine Form.
  • Changed the icons of Symbols, Talents, Items for followers and Headgear. Also, changed the icon of Sparks of Transformation.
  • Changed the icons of quests for crafting items.


  • Improved the visuals of the roots of dryads and characters with an active Deadly Roots symbol. They are now more noticeable.
  • Improved the visuals of the effects of special divine attacks.
  • Changed the visual effects applied by certain Alchemist’s, Necromancer’s, Archer’s and Gunner’s abilities on the target.
  • Optimized the effects of god’s abilities in Pantheon battles.
  • Special divine abilities no longer affect the lights on Pantheon War maps.


Added Thanatos Page to the Encyclopedia.


  • Changed the name and description for weekly quests for obtaining 100 faith.
  • Increased the time it takes for dummies to reappear in the Training Hall.

Bug Fixes

Pantheon Wars

Fixed a bug where characters from rival Pantheons could become friendly and join a group together during battles.

Tessa Battles

  • Fixed the description of several devices, used in grotto battles:
    - Improved Converter now increases the reward by 18% if your pantheon acts as the defenders (previously, it increased the reward by 18% upon collecting Sparks from the trees).
    - Primary Distributor now increases the reward by 30% if your pantheon acts as the attackers (previously, it increased the reward by 30% upon destroying the opponents’ tree).
    - Ether Reflector now allows receiving 50% of Primary Energy, stolen by the rival pantheon (previously, it allowed receiving 50% of Primary Energy even if the opponent destroyed the tree).

  • Fixed the issue where all characters would get kicked out of grottos before they were closed.


Personal PvP Rating

Fixed a bug where PvP rating was displayed incorrectly when a match came to a forced stop after its participants quit.


God of Authority

Fixed a bug where the Luminous ability reduced the cost of transformation by 20% instead of 40%.

God of Travels

  • Fixed the bug where assuming the Divine Form when out of a group prevented the character from turning into a God while in a group for some time.
  • Fixed a bug where the Divine Form remained equipped on the God of Travels upon entering Group, Party and Invasion adventures.


  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to take off rings.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow swapping the first and the second names at Quinta.
  • Fixed the description of premium subscription bonuses. Removed the info on Myrrh Drops and updated the description of Invasion Eidoses.
  • Fixed a bug where character’s Invulnerability was not displayed in the group interface.
  • Fixed a bug where rewards on the globe were not replaced with the alternative ones and were displayed incorrectly after completing an adventure. The correct reward was indicated only after you teleported to the adventure.
  • Fixed a bug where the Divine Form control panel could stop working after the character died in hostile territories while in the Divine Form.
  • Fixed a bug which blocked the chat for too long.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to disassemble equipment which required high Proficiency.
  • Fixed a bug which disabled the reconfiguration of certain key bindings.


  • Fixed several issues that occurred in the Primary Evidence quest:
    - The door to the Palon Prototype Plant did not open after Rethiarius was captured.
    - Connection with the client could be lost during the cutscene. In that case, the character got stuck in another location for a long time.
    - Players could receive too many replicators.
    - Tiberius did not reappear if the Taron Power Station adventure was finished during the Laboratory Work additional quest.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to speak with Zintara during the War of the Pantheons quest.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to speak with Ruthen during the Missing Expedition quest.
  • Fixed a bug where a quest stage would not complete in the Alarming News quest in the group mode of the Factory 501 adventure.
  • Fixed Metarchus’s voiceover in the Curious Acquaintance quest.
  • Fixed the bug where cards from the Arbiter of Fates quest could not be deleted from the bag.
  • Fixed the bug where the Preparation quest was not given after the completion of the Avatar of the Mechanoids quest.


Fixed a bug that allowed a boss to be killed without receiving the corresponding quest, thus preventing the Adventure from being completed.

Saiban Archipelago

Fixed a bug where it was possible to kill the Mechanoids near the wrecks before it was required, which made it impossible to complete the adventure.

Alakur Island

Fixed a bug where Paladin’s Onslaught and Beserker’s Leap abilities did not work in battles with bosses.

Tau Experimental Station

Fixed the amount of damage received from poisonous clouds on the last platform.


Hespilon Temple

Fixed the places where the character could fall off the temple and die.

Kuat-Lien Station

Fixed the incorrect disposition of the character’s resurrection points.


Operation Medea

Fixed a bug where loot that dropped near the portal was unavailable.

Operation Isabella

Fixed a bug that disabled the portals when Storm Pegasus Firewing was defeated.

Hostile Territories

Ontes Valley

Fixed a bug where the amount of Phantoms was calculated incorrectly upon completion of the quests.



  • Leaving a pantheon no longer resets your current Laboratory research progress.
  • Fixed the bonus calculation for research grants (3 calculations per each studied slot).
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect amount of Eidoses, required to start a research, was displayed in the Laboratory.

Urgent Calls

  • Fixed a bug where the First Lieutenants could drop Eidoses.
  • Fixed a bug where certain enemies did not drop Healing Orbs.
  • Fixed a bug which boosted the efficiency of invasion army domes.


Phytonide Flagship

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the completion of the first stage in the Retaliation quest.
  • Fixed a bug where defeating the third squad was not counted in the rating for completing the adventure


Glacial Plain
Fixed a bug where defeating the Viper hypnotist did not count towards the adventure task.

Abandoned Fort Garune

  • Fixed a bug that blocked access to the final room.
  • Fixed a malfunction of the defensive systems

Gorgonide Flagship
Fixed a bug where some of the God of Travels specialization bonuses were not working.

Reapers of Death

Fixed a bug that prevented the completion of the Mark of Thanatos quest.

Reaper of Death Ship

  • Fixed a bug where bosses could be killed before you received the corresponding quest.
  • Fixed a bug where characters resurrected on the central platform after a boss died.
  • Fixed a bug where special troops and several bosses did not drop loot.
  • Fixed a bug where characters kept on falling into the poisonous ditch when jumping to the boss in the bio reactor. Now low gravity affects the entire center room.

Thanatos’s Avatar
Fixed a bug where a character could fall on the bottom platform and stay alive.


Fort Garune
Fixed a bug where Oceanid Tokens were not given as a reward for completing adventures.


Fixed a bug where the x3 promo for tokens did not appear in all adventures related to the invading army.

Coastal Town
Fixed a bug where the progress would stop at 85% when completing the quest on freeing the town of demons again.


Mechanoid Flagship
Fixed a bug where it was impossible to exit combat while fighting Hurricane.


Mechanoid Base: Rethiarius Commander (C4)

  • Now spheres that follow the character do not disappear upon teleportation with Wanderer’s Relic.
  • During his Frontal Lightning Attack and Rear Lightning Attack, the boss is not protected with a shield in battle against a character in the Divine Form.

Onslaught of the Sea: Nautilus (A4)

Fixed a bug that where Knight's Resolute Rebuff and Stronghold did not work if the character was in their Divine Form


Fixed the bug where the list of resources in the Members and Academy tabs was visible to Pantheon non-members.


  • Fixed numerous visual bugs for all classes.
  • Fixed the bug which disabled the movement animation of female characters after using the crystal in the Temple Gates Pantheon adventure.
  • Fixed the bug which disabled camera shake during certain actions and at low graphics settings


  • Fixed a bug where Pantheon non-members received 5 Energy Modules daily.
  • Fixed a bug where loot from a monster could disappear after you killed another one from the same group.
  • Fixed one of the issues affecting client stability.
  • Fixed one of the issues which was causing random client crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where the volume of certain sound effects could not be changed in the settings.
  • Fixed a bug with players receiving the Thanatos’s Artifact quest again.
  • Fixed the description for items that add 3, 7, and 14 days of premium subscription.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Error 1302 in Distortion C1