Relentless Onslaught Patch Notes

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Inghar Test Area is now available!
• Two new D-Series Distortions are available – D3 & D4
• The requirements for the D-Series Distortions have been updated:
D1 - 562K Prestige, 4K Tactical Sense
D2 - 621K Prestige, 4,2K Tactical Sense
D3 - 565K Prestige, 4,4K Tactical Tense
D4 - 652K Prestige, 4,6K Tactical Sense
• Maximum Tactical Sense has been increased to Rank 59
• Invasion Atlases have been expanded.


• Melee classes (Paladin, Knight, Berserker, Slayer, Monk) no longer require the presence of a target to carry out strike combinations. Successful attacks only require maintaining the set distance.


• Fixed a bug causing some characters to have the wrong appearance, having the form of a mutant after applying the Mass Transformation ability.


• Fixed a bug where characters were left with an active Shroud of Light effect after symbol deactivation.


• Conversion of a character into a Lich now occurs correctly if abilities inflicting damage on yourself are cast.


• Fixed a bug where animation did not play when using the Bewitched Fire skill.


• Fixed a bug where the Paralyzing Shock, Wave: Slow, Oculat, Astral Essence, The Heat of Battle and Strength Serum symbols might not function from melee class combo attacks.
• Astral Essence invasion symbol has been changed. Now the likelihood of it functioning amid a blow is 50%.


Inghar Test Area

• During the challenge there will be hints in the center of the screen that show remaining time, current progress or any changes (enhanced bosses, squads).
• Flavius will now meet you at the start of the adventure. He will explain the principles of how the test area works. In the version of the adventure for Pantheons, during the conversation with the god you can choose how to start the adventure: from the start (regardless of general group progress) or continue from the stage available for the group member with the least progress. If all group members have completed the test area at that difficulty and killed the boss in the 21st challenge, they need to either start from the beginning or try another difficulty.
• When stages are changing, characters can now see a hologram of the army they will face in the next challenge.
• Hints and dialogue with Flavius are voiced.
• Health of all enemies, except for bosses, has been lowered. By the eighth challenge, their health will be around the same as it was previously in the first challenge.
• In the Demon Portals challenge, portal existence time has been increased by 5 seconds (from 25 to 30). Remaining time can be seen on the icon over the portal durability bar.
• In the Cryptides challenge, the frequency of pools appearing over cryptides has been reduced. In addition, these pools have slightly lower damage and less monster healing ability. Now only a Cryptide needs to be killed in the allotted time.
• The time given for the Mechanoid Squad challenge has been increased by 20 seconds.
• Fatal Strikes Phenomenon. Bonus reduced on avoidable monster strike damage.
• Fear Phenomenon. Damage from skulls has been slightly increased.
• Liquid Fire Phenomenon. Damage in the first seconds after the appearance of pools has been lowered.
• Inghar Test Area (Pantheon) - Starting from the second difficulty level, the system for calculating enemy health was changed and initial health value was reduced. This is especially evident after the fourth difficulty level (5 stars). Thus, the first few challenges at each difficulty level will become much easier. The rating points accrued were also modified to support this change. Number of rating points is now displayed on the adventure card.

Lending a Hand

• To complete the Adventure at the maximum rank, you now need to kill all special squads.


Gorgonide Flagship

• Characters now start the adventure in one of three random start points.


• Appearance of those invited by other players has been changed. To accept or reject a request you now have to click F1 or F2, respectively.
• The appearance of the social panel (G key) has been changed.


• Now when the Theory of Time mission is carried out, all group members with the corresponding mission are counted in device scanning and data downloading.
• A free camera is now present in the observer mode.
• In battles with the legendary artefact guardian, Divine Form lasts for an unlimited amount of time now.
• To activate Pantheon Obelisks you now need 4 times less energy.

Bug Fixes


Battle of Equals

• Fixed a bug where characters received an incorrect number of points for winning against an enemy that differed significantly in strength.



Okki Island

• Fixed a bug that could prevent completion of the adventure by killing bosses before the task to kill them was given.


Bedazzling Akonita’s Avatar

• Fixed a bug that could cause patrol drones to freeze in place.
• Fixed a bug in which a character-raised mine could disappear with the use of the God’s Army ability.

Gorgonide Flagship

• Fixed a bug where, after completing all the main tasks, one of the special squads could end up in a closed sector.
• When time is up, squads do not disappear, but they are no longer marked on the map. Killing them does not provide access codes and does not have an impact on the score at the end of the adventure. The rewards will only be Eidoses.

Sabotage in Reactor

• Fixed a bug preventing the adventure from being completed in some cases.

Reapers of Death
Thanatos’s Avatar

• Fixed a bug where points were not added for killing a boss


• Fixed a bug where the adventure could not be completed without sufficient threat points.
• The delay before receiving rewards at the end of the adventure has been eliminated.

Machavann's Avatar

• Fixed a bug in which divine sparks and boss allies stopped appearing if he received too much damage at the same time from a character in Divine Form.
• Now, in the stage with Divine Form, bosses cannot receive damage that exceeds the requirement for moving to the next damage stage.


• Fixed a bug where scissors would sometimes freeze in battle for 10 seconds.

Inghar Test Area

• Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of rewards in Pantheon ratings and the corresponding adventure version card.
• Attempts are now only spent after the successful completion of at least one challenge.
• Fixed the display of long character names in the league table.
• Fixed a bug where monsters sometimes did not disappear from the arena after unsuccessful completion of the Entid Progenitors challenge.
• Fixed a bug where the Special Rethiarius Gauge Ray ability would not work correctly.
• Fixed a bug where in some challenges hints at the center of the screen were duplicated.


• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the window with a description of the item in a character's bag to disappear.
• Fixed a bug where the number of companion hits were incorrectly displayed in the Battle Statistics.
• Fixed a bug where incorrect information on stat number (24 instead of 240) was displayed for some invasion army atlas nodes.


• Fixed a bug that allowed you to invite a character from the group into the adventure.
• Fixed a bug that caused issues regarding weekly missions in Antean Wasteland. To get it you need to complete a chain of missions in this location at least once.
• Fixed a bug that prevented equipment with a proficiency indicator of over 39,000 from being disassembled. In addition, situations where such equipment could display or actually require an incorrect proficiency value has been resolved.
• Collaboration points are no longer saved when Pantheons merge. This change is due to the fact that the Inghar Test Area has become a main source of collaboration points.
• Color icons corrected in the Divine Aspect Style Room.