Reapers' Revenge: Patch Notes

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Bug Fixes

PvE - Interface - Other



  • Added the first D-Series Distortion – Death Dealers: Tribe of Shukur.
  • Implemented changes to the Difficulty & Adventure Selection Interface.
  • Added Vectors to the Mechanoid, Phytonide, Oceanid, and Reaper of Death Invasion Atlases. More information can be read in our Distortion Vector's Preview.
  • An Upgrades section has been added to the transport interface. Here players can use Victor’s Medals to unlock segments of three upgrade lines which include: Summon Speed, Health, and Movement Speed. More information can be found in our Mount Upgrades Preview.
  • Adventures Interface has been revised.
  • Gorgonide and Reaper of Death Atlases have been expanded.
  • Bonuses provided by Vectors in the Ascension Atlas are now linked to individual classes. Changing classes will automatically switch vectors to those previously selected for it.
  • Adepts that have been appointed patrons of Provinces are now linked to individual classes. Changing classes will automatically switch patrons to those previously selected for it.
  • Epic weapons are no longer given for defeating Distortion monsters.
  • In 10-Man Party Adventures (Raids), defeating all bosses but the final one brings you Epic Quality amulets.
  • For defeating final bosses, you will now receive a Main or Additional weapon of Epic Quality. Premium subscribers receive two such items.
  • Epic Rings can only be earned by defeating the final boss, but their number has been increased (the overall number of Epic Rings that can be received per Adventure remains the same).
  • Added the Cold Quarry adventure, available in the new They Turn quest. Here you will come face to face with a new enemy – the Corgs. To join this adventure, you will require at least 160,000 Prestige.
  • Transport Interface has been revised.
  • Radial Transport Menu has been removed. Transport may now be switched via the full-screen interface.



  • Instead of granting immunity against certain types of control effects, the Steadying Effect talent now immediately provides immunity against all regular types of control effects. Duration remains unchanged, along with the bonus to the activation radius.


  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to continue looking in the direction of the last opponents after they were defeated.


  • The Small Ghostly Viper symbol's name has been changed to Gift of Death and the mechanics have been altered. It now allows you to use a finishing strike twice in a row once every 20 seconds.


  • Fixed a bug where the animation did not play when using the Complete Cloaking talent.


  • Major Gorgonide army Symbol added: Bloodlust. Killing an opponent gives characters an effect that increases the damage they deal by 10/12/14/16/18/20% (depending on the symbol’s rank) for 10 seconds. The effect is removed when the battle ends.
  • Major Reaper of Death army Symbol added: Rising from the Dead. The Symbol allows you to resurrect once per fight for 10/15/20/25/30/35 seconds (depending on the symbol’s rank) with 30% health.
  • Fixed a bug where Cornered Beast increased the Violence stat by just 3% at all ranks.


  • The Pantheon Merger can now be used even if there is only one commander left in the Pantheon. To confirm the merger process, the commander will need to vote in the relevant interface tab.
  • Distortion Analyzer can now be upgraded to Level IV. After building it, the Pantheon will receive access to the Death Dealers Distortion series.


Alcedon Facility

  • Visual effects of falling projectiles and direct damage are no longer out of sync.
  • Improved the visual effects for the area hit by the cannon.



  • Updated the creature holograms in the Divine Observatory and added basic information to them.


Thais Temple

  • Improved the animation for Protheus


  • Random Party adventure added. It works similarly to a squad team, but for 10-man Party adventures. The type of random party is always Scouting.
  • Difficulty for the Operation Isabella: Attack, Operation Medea: Attack and Operation Medea: Storm adventures have been adjusted and new difficulty levels added.
  • Operation Isabella: Scouting has been removed from the globe.
  • Now the Party type adventure card allows you to select the difficulty regardless of whether you are in a group.
  • There is now only 1 button for joining a party adventure.
  • The stats of party members are no longer equalized to match the maximum Prestige.


  • The Adventure card will now display what score-specific rewards have not yet been received.
  • The Lab Research cap has been raised
  • The Evacuation adventure has been added.
Phytonide Flagship
  • New possibilities for moving between branches have been added: There are now several ways to navigate all branches, and picking a direction no longer blocks you from going in another direction. Nevertheless, groups of players must be careful – If they go in different directions they may find it difficult to reconnect with each other. As before, jumping platforms only appear on branches after they have been completed.
  • Because it is now possible to move more freely, Adventures only end when 100% has been cleared in the main quest or the allocated time has ended. As before, if the allocated time has run out, you can no longer move between branches.
  • The mechanics of special troops has been changed. They will still appear on branches after 100% threat has been accumulated, but now they do not disappear if a player has left the branch without battling them. You can return and defeat the troop at a later time. Additionally, as before, if a group is defeated by a special troop, it disappears and they can no longer get ranking points for defeating it.
  • You can no longer leave the Carpophore without destroying all 6 areas with dropships.
  • After poisoning the Sprout branch, poisonous dome sources disappear from all branches. Only constantly working sources remain (without domes) in areas of battles against bosses.
  • Boss Teima no longer has the Wood Parasites ability.
  • For all Adventure bosses, descriptions for their abilities have been added to the encyclopedia.
  • Improved the map.
Gorgonide Flagship
  • Chain lightning trigged by generator’s destruction can now hit 11 targets.
  • Crespion patrols in open areas now move slower but do not stop.
  • Now all doors in the adventure are accessible once you collect three access codes. You no longer need to use the terminals next to them.
  • Added hints about boss abilities to the Argus system.
  • Lindan – A Series of blows from behind will now always consist of 3 blows.
  • Drones can no longer kill characters in their Divine Form with one shot, but they will inflict considerable damage.
  • After completing the main tasks linked to killing bosses, the map reveals markers showing the location of Special Troops that have not been killed yet. When the time is up or 100% data on the ship has been gathered, these troops will disappear.
Boss Cyana
  • Life Stealing and Mirror abilities are now trigged more often.
  • Viper Hunters ability is used more often, but the total number of Vipers in a battle will not exceed 8.
  • Life Stealing ability inflicts less damage to characters in the Divine Form.
Boss Lindan
  • Steel Stars ability works differently if you are alone: Stars are thrown in a sweeping motion.
Demon Invasion
  • The Imps of Chaos that move towards the seal are now hostile towards player characters.
  • Additional monsters stop spawning if special troops arrive.
Reapers of Death
Dark Ritual
  • Added an interface tag for monsters that attack Hammer tanks.


  • Changed the visuals of promo x3 for Tokens. Next to the marker of the Adventure with this promo, you will now see the Operation Priority mission mark. This is the only mission that has a mark in the Invasions globe filter.
  • Added the “Sell” button to the Ether Core’s shortcut menu.
  • Rapid Reaction Squad can be located in the Misc tab.
  • Pressing (Esc) while viewing the Adventure Card will no longer cause the globe interface to close.
  • Consumable item menu has been changed.
  • Navigation in Invasion Atlases now displays the level of the abilities you’ve learned.


  • Optimizers that have already been used by players will now be marked appropriately.
  • When purchasing currency packages, the funds will now be immediately added to the account. You will no longer have to unpack them in the bag.


  • Characters will no longer dismount when activating the Divine Panel using the Alt key or when connecting to the globe in the Divine Observatory.
  • Added sound to most character Emotes.
  • Special Editions of consumables in player’s bags have been turned into regular versions.
  • All regular consumables are now sold and purchased for credits.
  • The price for certain consumables has been changed.
  • To balance methods of obtaining Epic equipment, the Prestige of items given as a reward for PvP tasks has been slightly lowered.

Bug Fixes



  • Updated the creature holograms in the Divine Observatory and added basic information to them.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to talk to Ferocious Illira during the Possessed God quest.


Borru Catacombs
  • Fixed a bug where after killing Nottus, characters in their Divine Form would not be able to complete the adventure.


Kuat-Lien Station
  • Fixed a bug causing characters to die outside the borders located near Daer’min’s Lair.
Daren Facility
  • Fixed a bug where the liana that appears for the Lianas Optional Task during a Phytonide invasion would sometimes seize a god if they activated their Divine Form after combat started.


  • Rewards for the top-10 and top-20 rankings are now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to complete 2 operations of the same army in one day.
Mechanoid Flagship
  • Fixed the spawn locations for special troops.
Phytonide Flagship
  • Fixed a bug where you could not go back from a boss on a carrier. This is particularly relevant if you have forgotten to install one of the injectors along the way.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Oceanids in Fort Garune to spawn incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug where, under certain conditions, it was not possible to complete the adventures with an S rating.
Oceanid Incubator
  • Fixed a bug where defeating Keretos was not counted
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to achieve an S rating.
Gorgonide Flagship
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to destroy all generators ahead of time.
  • Fixed a bug where dead characters would sometimes resurrect in the wrong place.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the arriving evacuation ship from being seen if it had already landed.
  • Fixed a bug where players could kill special troops and disable devices after the timer had timed out. If a special troop is still in combat when the time runs out, you can finish it and obtain points.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck in modules.
  • Iprita – Fixed a bug linked to incorrect calculation of damage in Booster phase.


  • Fixed a bug where you could not see the filled bars of adept stats.
  • Fixed the cooldown indicator for items in the bag. It will no longer disappear when moving items to another slot.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Ctrl and Alt in hot key combinations.
  • Fixed a bug where replicators in the Walk across the Village quest were displayed in the final adventure card but were not given to players.


  • Fixed a bug where players could not change class or ring set if a legendary ring in the new set was not equipped in the same slot.
  • You can no longer equip two legendary rings in an inactive set.
  • Fixed a bug where turning into the God of Travels in certain Hostile Territories cost a different amount of faith.
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to get stuck when entering the Training Hall through the capsule.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining an active invasion army adventure if it contained a storyline quest.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause characters to “sway” from side to side.
  • Verdict cooldown is now correctly reduced by 70% if the target dies while under the effect of this ability.
  • The leased Preacher module now correctly increases the duration of the Divine Form. The bonus does not stack with reductions from Divine Specializations.
  • Mark of the Pioneer effect now correctly increases damage from Cryomancer’s Whiteout
  • Fixed a bug where the Mark of the Pioneer effect allowed players to avoid damage on the Gorgonide Avatar’s Ship.