Aelion’s Call: Operation Medea

Aelion’s Call brought with it a large variety of new content including Skyforge’s third raid, Operation Medea. This raid will prove to be more difficult than the two raids of Operation Isabella, requiring teamwork and good strategy to survive!

Recently, unusual activity has been observed in the region where a Mechanoid flagship crashed through the thin crust above Milene Caves. Analysis of the intelligence regarding this behavior revealed that the Phytonides had been present on the peninsula when the ship was downed, taking refuge within its shell via a breach in the protective casing. Hidden among the local flora, these alien plants did not attract much attention but now they have become much more active as their numbers have quickly multiplied. Radiation from the Mechanoid vessel, which has proven quite fatal to the citizens of Aelion, turned out to be highly beneficial for the Phytonides and greatly accelerated their growth far beyond their normal cycle. Neglecting this threat any longer will only make things worse as they turn their hideaway into a personal greenhouse.

Aelion's Call Operation Medea 3

Immortals with over 120,000 Prestige can take part in this exciting new raid. Compared to the rewards provided from Operation Isabella, there will be an increased amount of Tactical Sense Fragments available and there is a greater chance of an epic quality amulet dropping. So, for example, players can get 2-5 points of Tactical Sense from the first Mechanoid Ship champion, and 30 from the last. Along with the prizes awarded for killing the last champion, one amulet is guaranteed. Below you will find information that the Templars were able to collect during intelligence operations conducted on the peninsula to aid in any necessary preparations.

Scouts discovered two unusually intelligent Phytonides - The sisters Maasa and Phia. These two Dryads are very attached to each other and have various support and attack skills as well as abilities that can quickly incapacitate even a lesser god. The death of one of the sisters will surely drive the other into a furious rage. Due to this, we can only recommend selecting a priority target and be prepared to face unpleasant consequences of your decision. Both of these creatures pose a serious threat and must be eliminated during the ship’s clean-up to ensure they do not spread their influence across the region.
In the deepest depths of the ship, Tripolium awaits the immortals who have entered their newfound home.

Aelion's Call Operation Medea 4

Radiation has caused this particular Entid grow to an impressive size in just a few days. Tripolium is not an easy opponent: the sly creature inflicts tremendous area of effect damage and has no qualms about sacrificing its fellow Triffids for its own survival. At first glance these small weeds look harmless, but after death they can inflict serious damage to all nearby group members through the release of noxious gas. Do not forget to keep an eye on the surroundings as blossoms sprout across the battlefield from time to time, restoring Tripolium’s health if they are not removed.

Inside the ship, various combat Mechanoids that have been behaving in a seemingly uncoordinated manner are present. Nevertheless, their behavior is very alarming - It turns out that the Mechanoids are scattered along the lower tiers of one of the ship segments, while the rest of the ship is empty. What this means is that one of the ship’s constructs has activated and is acting out a program to begin repair protocols.

Aelion's Call Operation Medea 1

Our scouts managed to identify an unusual Scissor model spotted in the area of the crashed flagship. Few immortals have come across such machines, so there is unfortunately little information about this enemy. The main weapons of the upgraded Scissor Gamma are mines and a powerful cannon. Expect fierce resistance and support from the Oculats which have been spotted circling the area.

Aelion's Call Operation Medea 2

A Phoenix class Rethiarius is lurking on the lower level of the flagship. This is an entirely automatic system that exhibits unpredictable behavior. The scouts say that most of the time this Mechanoid is invulnerable to enemy attacks. When confronting this threat, be wary of energy spheres, avoid charged batteries, and rescue captured teammates. After some time, the champion shifts into another mode and becomes vulnerable. Do not forget that even in this state the Rethiarius poses a great danger. Don’t let the machines fool you! If this once thought abandoned giant cube ever takes flight, even for a moment, it can easily cause trouble for the nearby regions.