Sage Latuna Defeated: Skyforge’s Server Firsts

Last week, Pantheon’s continued battling their way through the dangers of the Distortions. Many were completing their Distortions for the first time while others were pressing onwards towards greater challenges. Congratulations to both Cerebral [NA] and Nova [EU] for being the first Pantheon’s to achieve victory against Sage Latanu, Guardian of the Pool of Knowledge, in the A3 Distortion!


  • Days Azure
  • Chken Samich
  • Orange Chicken
  • Moose Beard
  • Crulix Demonking
  • Zeus Thunderhead
  • Gorelin Crabmessiah
  • Sumexc Azure
  • Tera Azure
  • Udon Noodle


  • Hideki Matsui
  • Nutoma Senpai
  • Nona Ginta
  • Pablaze Lothbrook
  • Caph Izanami
  • Sarah Valor
  • Vitora Exousia
  • Airyka Matsui
  • Konn Sharp
  • Kromi Senjogahara

Curious to see how it was done? Check out this video of the A3 Distortion courtesy of Nova.

Good luck to all Pantheon’s in defeating the threat that lurks within the A4 Distortion!