Aelion’s Call Update Now Live!

The day is finally upon us: Aelion’s Call update is now live! Draw your weapon in the name of Aelion and defend it from the imminent threats and be rewarded with incredible equipment & glory!

With the arrival of Aelion’s Call, players have access to new additions and improvements such as the catch-up system, Operations, a new Raid, Invasion Atlases, chat updates, class balancing, and much more!

We discussed the Battle History earlier this week and will continue to highlight some of the outstanding features included in this update over the next week. Aelion’s Call also marks the start of the highly anticipated Grand Prix Event which allows players the opportunity to acquire additional ability load outs, costumes, and a special mount!

If you didn’t catch them the first time, you can view the entire list of changes and bug fixes in the Aelion’s Call Patch Notes.
Aelion’s Call addresses a large quantity of the community’s concerns through an abundance of improvements and general alterations. In addition, this update pushes the western version of Skyforge ever closer to a worldwide version. Future updates will continue to close this gap until we are as in-sync as we can possibly become.

The Skyforge Team would like to thank all of your for your support and feedback leading up to this update. We know how much the community has been looking forward to these changes and we are excited to see your reactions. Everyone on the team hopes to continue seeing this level of dedication from the community as Skyforge continues to grow and improve over the coming months!