Reapers’ Revenge: Patch Notes

Reapers’ Revenge, our next major content update for Skyforge, is going live on April 26th! While we’ve been highlighting a few notable additions, there’s so much more!

  • Can’t get enough of that Reaper & Gorgonide Atlas? (Both of their Invasion Atlases have been expanded!)
  • Tired of having to switch your Vector’s or assign a different Adept to a province when swapping classes? (These will now automatically switch to the ones previously selected by that class!)
  • Having trouble with your preferred mode of transportation being unable to handle your godly might? (Accessing your Divine Abilities (ALT) will no longer cause you to be removed from your mount!)

Check out all of the upcoming additions, fixes, and various improvements now!

The Reapers’ Revenge Patch Notes Await!