Armor of God: Assemble a New Exoskeleton!

A brilliant young inventor has designed a unique Exoskeleton that allows Immortals to extend the limits of their physical capabilities. This cutting-edge gift has been offered to Flavius, on the condition that he passes a few tests first...


Take on the Armor of God Promotion and deploy your Adepts to help Flavius complete his trials. Divine rewards await successful Immortals, including everything you need to build your very first Exoskeleton (Base, Back, Arms, and Legs Modules)! If you’ve already unlocked your Divine Form, you’ll receive a basic Exoskeleton to upgrade when you next log in to Skyforge.


First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


The Armor of Gods Promotion is active from December 22 until January 5 on PC, and from December 23 until January 6 on PlayStation and Xbox. For more details about Exoskeletons, check out our detailed run-through of the latest update.