New Update Bringing Exoskeletons, UI Revamp, and More!

We’re approaching the end of 2020, but we still have more surprises to share with you! Starting December 22 on PC and December 23 on PlayStation and Xbox, a free update will bring several new features and changes to Skyforge, including updated user interfaces, improvements to Invasion Adventures on Nightmare difficulty, and a new type of Mount!


Flavius has been hard at work testing a new invention for Immortals: the Exoskeleton! This new type of Mount grants its wearer special abilities, and the ability to use divine attacks and weapons. It’s definitely going to come in handy in your battles against invaders, especially Nightmare Challenges!


Exoskeletons are made up of four Modules which can be modified in the ‘Transport’ tab. The Base grants a few bonuses, which the other Modules (Back, Arms, Legs) are then attached to. Each additional Module can improve the Exoskeleton by making it sturdier and granting you additional abilities. For example, the arms module will make the exoskeleton more durable, and you will be able to charge your Companion’s attacks. The Back module can make it even tougher, enable the ability to fly, and increase damage dealt by Class Abilities whenever your companion’s charged attack is used. The Legs module will up your speed while also upgrading the Emergency Maneuver symbol, allowing it to charge your Companion’s attack or increase damage dealt by emblems.


Building and Upgrading the Exoskeleton

When the update is live, you’ll be able to start collecting the Modules to assemble your own Exoskeleton! Each Exoskeleton Module has several properties, and they also vary in quality like other equipment for Immortals. The higher a Module's quality, the more bonuses it grants. The highest quality Modules can be obtained during the events of the current Invasion. Modules from previous Invasions can also be received as seasonal rewards for completing Distortions. During the current Invasion, you can obtain Modules from Distortions and a Promotion that will launch alongside the new update.


To improve a Module's quality, you will need Exoskeleton Module Components. You can obtain these by disassembling any Modules you don't need. Once you have enough Components, you can upgrade Modules using the interface for upgrading equipment.

Nightmares in Invasion Adventures

Nightmares are becoming more varied. Rather than just Squad or Group Adventures, Invasion Adventures are joining in with the fiendish fun! Do you have what it takes to fight off the Oceanids while being plagued by Maledictions, and can you defeat your enemies on the tenth level of Nightmare Challenges? Only the most battle-hardened Immortals need apply for this challenge!

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Invasion Adventures for groups of three players (during the Oceanid Invasion, these Adventures are ‘Lending a Hand’, ‘Sudden Attack of the Oceanids’, ‘Kanter Aelerium Plant’, ‘Oceanid Incubator’, and ‘Evacuation’) will be available in the Squad section. Adventures for five players (‘Abandoned Fort Garune’, ‘Crashed Aircraft’, and ‘Oceanid Flagship’) can be found in the Group section. Yes, you read that right: the ‘Oceanid Flagship’ Adventure can now be completed in a group of five players! Not just in Nightmare Challenges, but on Normal Difficulty, too.

The Invasion Atlas nodes that affect Group and Squad Adventures will now work in the above-listed Adventures, too. Test your skills and show everyone that Aelion’s Immortals are a force to be reckoned with!

Revamped User Interface

Skyforge is a fusion of science-fiction and fantasy, but we thought that Flavius might like a user interface theme that’s a little more austere, modern, stylish, and high-tech. All elements of the user interface have been updated for a clean new look, but the positions of the buttons, tabs, and windows remain the same. We hope you enjoy the changes!

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’ll soon be able to participate in various festivities and events (don’t forget to check all the events and free gifts you can claim during Winter Wonderworlds). Next year, we’ll continue working on new major updates. For now, get ready to build your own Exoskeleton, fight Oceanids, and contend with Nightmares when the new update lands from December 22!