Ascension coming this Fall

An important event sits on Skyforge's doorstep – the Ascension Update is right around the corner!

On that note, a pre-patch will be installed on the server in the coming weeks that will include plenty of innovations, with the actual content update being planned for this October. These changes will affect almost all aspects of the game – from battle systems to symbols... But let’s take it one step at a time.

Regions Map

The biggest innovation will be the Regions Map - an extended game campaign, via which players can unlock access to new Adventures, Classes, and Symbols.

Each mark on the map is an entry point to an adventure or mission that will improve character stats. Temples and Strongholds will replace atlases. All the familiar interface screens, such as Equipment, Symbols, and Orders will also be located here.
The amount of resources required for development will also be significantly reduced and now your actions are the main currency! Do you want to obtain a new symbol? Select the relevant mission on the Regions Map. Do you thirst for a new class? There will be a mission just for you!

The Regions Map is a new perspective on interaction between a character and the world around them.

Skyforge Region Maps

New Class

Even those whose prestige exceeds 1 million can develop a class, for there is now a new attack specialization - Outlaw! A charismatic, daring and dangerous hero, who brilliantly handles two pistols and, when necessary, dynamite. Enemies would do well not to underestimate this combatant.

Soon you can take the Outlaw into the fray during fights with other players, or even in a battle with the invasion avatar!

Skyforge New Class

Invasion Seasons

The upcoming changes will also affect invasion systems. Through increased persistence and more severe intentions, the invading Aliens will be far more difficult to push out of Aelion.

Attacks on our planet by each army will now last 8 weeks instead of 2. In addition, the next invasion will not begin while the previous one is still active. Although creatures from Distortions will join army troops, the avatars themselves still remain as the main objective of the hunt, for they are sources of Divine Specializations. You may be wondering how to defeat the avatar of an army that has flown away... Well, rest assured, there is a way! Details will be shared in the future!

The character development system will also be transformed. For example, the maximum level for available equipment will only be raised at the beginning of the next season.
Soon invasions will become a truly mass-scale gaming activity, containing loads of adventures and, of course, rewards.

Skyforge Invasion Seasons

New Invasion Avatar

Another great danger awaits – the menacing Tol-Monter, great god of the Oceanids, has sent his ships to Aelion! Thankfully, we'll have enough time to explore all the innovations and prepare for his arrival. Are we afraid? No, for perseverance and unity make us stronger!

Tol-Monter is an unusual avatar, thus gods who confront him can expect serious challenges. However, it is not just the strongest immortals that can fight him. Anyone who has received Divine Form can go into battle against this great god – and win!

Skyforge New Invasion Avatar

Battle System

Combat will become more interesting thanks to an improved battle system. Almost all enemy monster abilities can now be easily avoided. Hurrah for dashes! When you defeat monsters, you can take their weapons or even part of their bodies! Swing the axe of a huge Vird to chop up his own kind; arm yourself with the tentacle of a defeated Kraken; slice off a Hydra head and terrify your enemies with it — any of these actions will bestow your character with new abilities for a time.

Skyforge Battle System

Economic System Changes

Many currencies and resources will not form a part of the Ascension and all caps will be canceled. Play as much as you like — credits will no longer disappear from the reward list. In addition, there will be missions for which you can earn a nice amount of Argents for! Sound's good, doesn't it?

Skyforge Economic System Changes

Council of Gods

Has a top career been predicted for you since childhood due to your unrivaled leadership qualities? Do you know the best path towards a better future? Then the prospect of leading an entire planet should interest you! Specify your aims and let us be of service! Now you have the power! The Council of Gods is a completely new political system. From now on, immortals can elect who the world of Aelion will answer to for a few weeks. In their hands, the leaders will hold power, resources and the fate of the people. Very soon you will elect or be elected - it's all in your hands!

Skyforge Council of Gods

Skyforge is changing. In its Ascension, Skyforge will take a huge step towards becoming the game that everyone wants to see. It will be clearer and friendlier for those who are not keen on spending hours and hours online, for those who want to get stuck into an active game and not the management of items and stats. It will give players a wide range of opportunities for fun, and the content that was previously aimed at a small circle of people will now become available to all. More dynamic, more drive, more Skyforge!

Onwards to the Ascension!