Ascension: Divine Specializations

As players are sure to have noticed, the Divine Specialization system has undergone changes in Skyforge’s Ascension. The global update radically changed the process of exploring and developing divine abilities and it will establish a direct link between how successfully quests are completed in the Divine Form and increasing specialization levels. The key currency that will enable you to improve your divine form will be your own actions!


Bonuses provided by Divine Specializations and the Divine Form have also been reviewed. Experienced players will probably notice that the game has kept only the most relevant and interesting of them, while beginners will be able to appreciate the simple and clear development system.

But the main thing is that Skyforge will get two new specializations: God of Machines and God of Magic. Follow the path of the lord of technology and find new ways to use items that seem familiar. Alternatively, select the path of magic to get extra opportunities for team play and strengthening of allies! Or best of all - learn both specializations. More means better!

Temple of Deeds

The Divine Atlas and Specialization Atlas have disappeared from the game and will be replaced with a special building - the Temple of Deeds, located in the Capital. All immortals that receive Divine Form can build the temple and it will not require any additional investment. The bonus system will also be redesigned. Now players will not have to delve into descriptions, selecting which node to explore and finding the optimal path to it. The number of Divine Specialization skills will go down in quantity and up in quality. Players will successively explore new abilities that logically complement each other.

To unlock a new ability, you will have to reach a certain value on the Divine Deeds scale. To do that you need to earn the relevant points by completing any activity in the Divine Form. A new specialization is considered unlocked after you learn its first ability. However, you must have an Avatar Trophy and sufficient Divine Deed points to learn an ability.

The more difficult the adventure selected, the more points you will earn. For example, destroying the invading army avatar will earn the maximum possible points, while completing a single quest in a Region will earn you the minimum. The consumption of Faith required to activate the Divine Form will also depend on the difficulty of the adventure. For example, where previously the transfer cost was the same (700 faith points) in Invasion adventures, whether they were for 3 or 10 players, now in adventures for 3 players it will require 160 faith points and in those for 10 - 320. In addition, there are a whole range of extra bonuses, which will help reduce the consumption of this resource. They will not just be found in the God of Travels specialization either, but also in many others.

Note that each of the Divine Specializations has its own progress scale. Receiving deed points will equally affect each of them but you can only study a talent in one specialization, after which the scale will have to be filled again.

The Temple of Deeds interface has 8 tabs. The first (called God's Abilities) contains the bonuses previously contained in the Divine Atlas. These significantly increase the efficiency of Divine Form. The other 7 are specializations.


What will happen to the resources you have and specializations you have already explored? Players who have already unlocked one or several Divine Specializations will still have access to them after the update. The level of their development will directly depend on the level of development of the relevant atlases. If a player has divine revelations left in their bag, these will be converted into Avatar Trophies at a 1 for 1 rate.

But to receive Avatar Trophies you need to defeat incarnations of the invading army gods and Invasions now last up to 2 months. Surely new players don't have to wait months to catch up with the amount of Divine Specializations their friends have do they? Not at all! You can obtain Avatar Trophies by defeating the training versions. To do that, players who have already obtained Divine Form but unlocked less than three Divine Specializations will have to carry out a special directive. Players that have not explored any Divine Specializations can obtain several Avatar Trophies - one for each victory over a training version of the head of the invasion army.

The God of Travels' specialization stands apart. To study it, players need a special item — the Book of Divinity. You can get it with Victor's Medals.

Due to the global redesign of the Order and Equipment system, the God of Knowledge specialization has disappeared from the game. All immortals with this specialization have received up to 30,000 Victor's Medals in compensation.


Let us take a closer look at the new specializations that are available as well!
The God of Machines specialization will be enjoyed by all fans of PvP. By exploring it, you will not just obtain a significant boost to damage in combat against enemy players, but also a considerable variety in damage application methods. Thanks to this specialization, an effective fighter can become... your companion! In addition, the efficiency of all Hyperion modules will increase. The God of Machines will instill terror in the hearts of your enemies, for even the heavens are on its side!


The God of Magic specialization will be enjoyed by players who prefer group PvE combat. Increased divine skill efficiency, increased damage against monsters, reduced incoming damage, reduced cost of transferring to Divine Form, if players are part of a group, — this is a useful range of abilities for those who prefer team play. Having a player in the group that has followed the God of Magic path is a guarantee for a successful and easy raid!

The new divine specialization system enables players to focus on the game process and not on the distribution of resources and selection of optimum development paths. Now the level of efficiency when using Divine Forms will directly depend on how players use them, what decisions they take,, and what quests they complete.