Introducing The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition!

With information regarding Skyforge’s upcoming Ascension being gradually released, why not provide an opportunity to get a head start in more than just knowledge?

Introducing The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition!

Establish your own sense of justice with instant access to the Outlaw class when the Ascension update is live!. No waiting around and no need to complete your way towards this class’s Temple – Claim your trusty revolvers and jump right into the action!

Most importantly, this collector’s edition will be on sale up until the release of the Ascension update at which time it will go to its regular price. Additionally, following Skyforge’s Ascension, The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition will only remain available for one week after the update before being unavailable for purchase.


Along with instant access to the Outlaw class, The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition includes:
• A uniquely colored Outlaw Costume
• 10 Days of Premium Account Status
• 7,500 Argents
• 100,000 Credits

To view the complete details or to purchase the Collector’s Edition, visit our dedicated The Outlaw – Collector’s Edition page.