Ascension: Order

Skyforge’s Ascension has a large selection of exciting content, new features, and extensions of existing systems. Today we will cover the new order system. It has become much easier to master, while remaining an important element of the general game mechanics. Orders and adepts are a key source of faith, thanks to which immortals can adopt the Divine Form and use special abilities.

What has changed?

Let's start with what will forever disappear from Orders. This is a rather long list:

• Temples and Chapels;
• Ammo, Supplies, Gifts from followers, Holy Texts and other resources linked to orders;
• Missions for Adepts;
• Hall of Greatness as a location where you can invite adepts to your order and receive daily rewards;

Now you will no longer have to deal with an incredibly diverse range of additional resources to improve your Order, change Chapels for the active class, rearranging them if necessary, send your adepts on missions and so on. The variety of character development will be maintained, but it will be achieved through buildings on the regional map. Orders will become self-sufficient sources of the Faith and Credits immortals so need.

So what will replace the missions?

It's very simple: instead of completing missions, adepts will now be sent on journeys, during which anything could happen to them. While they are on these journeys, they may find credits and faith, they can attract new adepts and find relics (special items that will enable adepts to deal with the events they come across on their travels more efficiently). The duration of the journey is limited by the adept's strength reserve bar. When it reaches zero, the journey ends. To obtain the resources earned by your adept, click the End Journey button. Note, adepts cannot top up their strength bar until their adventure has finished.

After some time has passed, the strength reserve bar becomes full again and the Adept is ready for a new journey. The longer the journey, the more resources you will get. Do not forget to send your adepts off regularly and supply them with relics (each mortal can take a maximum of two items with them). Each adept has a range of stats that directly impact the success of their pilgrimage. The higher the stats the longer your adept will spend travelling and the more valuable the resources they earn for you will be. The abovementioned relics boost these stats, therefore, making the adept more effective and valuable.


You are probably wondering how you can upgrade your adepts in the new system. It's very simple: the better quality heroes come from the travels of your adepts. However, with each each completed journey there is some probability of also upgrading the adept's stats! Thus, a weaker "regular" character could with time become so strong that you will prefer them over any "legendary" character.

During their travels, adepts keep a personal diary that describes what they have had to face during their journey. Now diligent junior gods will always know what their wards are up to!


But where will the resources spent on order development disappear to? They will be transformed into credits or character stats. Spheres of influence and resources necessary for completing adept missions will be compensated with credits.

The number of active adepts in an order will go down to 8. You can also have inactive adepts, but they are not much use: they cannot go on journeys and they can get in the way of other adepts. While there are inactive adepts, the journeys bring in only 50% faith, so we recommend you send such followers on missionary service. Missionaries will earn you a small amount of one-off faith.


You can spend less time on your Order and adepts because of the reduced amount of resources required for development because there will no longer be a system of missions. In addition, players will no longer have to depend on the mission reset timer and you will no longer have to select adept classes. Instead of a complicated, sometimes unclear distribution of missions, construction of Temples & Chapels that you need to upgrade and collection of several types of different resources you will get a much simpler and more convenient system. That of which will contain clear and, most importantly, necessary rewards. Select adepts, send them on journeys, receive sufficient Faith and other rewards, wait some time and spend that faith on transforming to Divine Form to complete one quest or another and then start again. Do you want more faith? Dedicate a little more time to your adepts and equip them with relics. Choose the best ones. Do you get enough for your style of play? Do not waste any surplus minutes - sell relics for Credits and play the way you want to play.

In addition, the changes will affect one of the Hyperion modules. The Preacher module will add 25% to the amount of faith received while it is leased.

These changes will provide a much easier system for new and veteran players alike!

For more information about Skyforge’s Ascension, check back into for all the latest news and updates!

This material is devoted to content which is still currently in development. By the time the update is live, the order system may change.