Ascension: Pantheons

Today, we’ll be overviewing how Pantheons have changed recently. It has become much simpler and provides more benefit to both commanders and regular players because joining a Pantheon will ensure a clear boost to character efficiency parameters. The size of the bonus depends on the Pantheon rank, with a top ranking Pantheon adding 10% to the damage and health points of each of its members. These indicators do not impact prestige, so a player does not drop should he leave the Pantheon.

But what is a Pantheon Rank, what does it depend on and how can you increase it?

The updated Pantheon is primarily a way to find companions for group activities and to boost the efficiency of your character, and not a separate economic strategy with its own difficulties and conventions.

This is why the number of Pantheon chats have been cut and the interface has been revamped. You will no longer have to spend time managing the Pantheon Stronghold, collecting extra resources, distributing energy, working with obelisks and so on. The Pantheon has kept one stat - its rank. As a Pantheon's rank increases so does its capacity, access to the academy, and participation in Pantheon tournaments is unlocked. Plus, you get the chance to establish your own coat-of-arms and increase standing stat bonuses.

To increase the rank of a Pantheon, its members need to gather sufficient Construction Resources. The amount of resources gathered is displayed on a dedicated bar in the Pantheon interface. Once the bar is full, the members will have to spend a certain amount of Credits, vote for the upgrade, and the rank will be increased. A Pantheon with the maximum rank of 20 can have a total of 290 characters: 260 Pantheon members and 30 Pantheon Academy students. Regardless of their status in the Pantheon, all characters will receive the above mentioned 10% increment to damage and health points. If there were more than 260 players in a Pantheon following the update, new members cannot join until places become available. No player is automatically excluded from a Pantheon they are a member of.


Construction resources may be obtained by completing Directives and by participating in competitive activities. Please note that resources will be further accumulated even after the bar is full. Distortions will be available to all players, regardless of whether they are Pantheon members or not. Additionally, each and every player will be able to access the battle stats screen that was previously exclusive to Pantheon members.

The resources that players have spent on Pantheon upgrades before the update will be allocated to Pantheon rank upgrade after the update. The Victor's Medals that users spent on Obelisks have been restored to their rightful owners. You will no longer need to invest Victor's Medals to receive passive bonuses from the Pantheon.

The social panel of the Pantheon has also been redesigned. There are 2 Pantheon chats: a general chat for all the Pantheon members, including Academy students, and a Commander chat.

The new Pantheon system will make life easier for both regular members and commanders thanks to the very simple, clear, and transparent system for increasing rank and extra bonuses.