Battle of Equals: Increased Credit Limit

Starting with Battle of Equals, characters will gain a 50% boost to their weekly Credit limits! For example, if it was 942,000 before, it will now grow to 1,413,000!

This will not be the only change regarding Credits. As you know, the cost of various resources is deducted from this limit along with the amount of currency received. Right now, many veteran players have realized the best way of earning Credits is by collecting Holy Texts. Their sale price is 925 Credits each, but only 500 is deducted from the limit. This feature of the system has led some players to collect Holy Texts instead of other resources. In the next update, the cost of selling and buying resources will be changed. The sale price will always coincide with the amount deducted from the cap.

This change, overall, not only increases the potential earnings of all players but allows everyone to focus on other valuable items without stressing over picking up loot. Simply put, doing that is quite boring. The method used by a relatively minor subset of the population is still possible, but is far from necessary. An additional note to remember is that this also helps to make things fairer for new players, as veterans and any of their friends or pantheon members who they happened to inform were earning significantly more credits through this method.

Before After
Item Purchase Sell Deducted from Limit Purchase Sell Deducted from Limit
Holy Texts 1075 Credits 925 Credits 500 Credits 1000 Credits 500 Credits 500 Credits
Ether Cores - 46 Credits 50 Credits - 50 Credits 50 Credits

What to do before the change?

If you’re inclined to gain maximum benefit from your remaining credit caps, we encourage you to obtain as many Holy Texts as you can and sell them before the release of Battle of Equals. If you want to increase your Temples’ ranks and not your Credit amount, do the same but spend your earnings on Holy Texts following the update.

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