Battle of Equals: New Improvements

In Battle of Equals, we’ll be implementing a handful of relatively minor updates to various existing features. While these are mostly quite basic changes, we decided it would be a lot more fun to let you know about it before the update arrives!

New Reliquaries

Everyone can enjoy that nice little boost to resources when hitting a new milestone with your character. Unfortunately, the reliquary isn’t currently designed to go infinitely but we can make sure you won’t have to worry about missing out on a little something extra for a long time. Reliquaries will be added to cover your progression all the way up to 1,500,000 prestige! Enjoy your injection of Sparks, Credits, and Holy Texts!

Improved Catch-up System

The Catch-up System is an extremely useful tool that was implemented very early on to help ensure new players could still reliably catch up with their friends or other players who have been around for some time. While it’s a successful system for its intended purpose, there’s always room for improvement! The changes to the system in Battle of Equals will focus on Class Sparks. Specifically, the formula used to calculate how many you receive will be changed to allow a significant amount of them to be obtained at once, in somewhat similar (but not identical) fashion to Sparks of Insight system. Additionally, depending on how many of the Class Spark promotion adventures you’ve missed and how many you’ve done, the new system will calculate how many you should have as if the new variant was always there. Simply put: This can add a massive stock to your Class Sparks!

Legendary Trophies

Get ready for the big-leagues with the new trophy rank – Legendary. What makes these so special is that their additional bonus acts on all enemies from any Army, including bosses! Definitely not something you want to pass up if you have the means to acquire them. Legendary trophies can be acquired by deconstructing Epic Trophies or by completing Rank 8 of Operations, which has seen its reward changed. Instead of 25 epic trophy fragments, you are now rewarded 5 legendary trophy fragments instead.

Atlas Extension

The current Ascension Atlas, while massive, does have a noticeable amount of empty space around its outer perimeter. These center points will be filled with nodes of various shapes and sizes for all your progression needs! If you haven’t already extended that far into the unknown, it definitely won’t hurt to start now!

Skyforge Battle of Equals Improvements 1Skyforge Battle of Equals Improvements 2

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