Battle of Equals & Skyforge’s First Anniversary!

Battle of Equals

It’s been quite a year so far, with many more exciting things in store. Until we reach that point, however, we still much to do and many new things to explore!

Skyforge’s next significant update, Battle of Equals, will be arriving to Aelion on July 20th, containing an abundance of changes, new features, and much more! Of all the updates and additional content being added in Battle of Equals, here are a few highlights:

  • New Improvements: Expand your power and progression with an abundance of new improvements consisting of new reliquaries, an improved Catch-up system, legendary trophies, and an extended Atlas!
  • New Region: Explore the barren desert that is the Antean Wasteland! This massive zone is filled with giant worms, a unique method of progression compared to other regions, and even a rogue sandstorm or two!
  • Equalized PvP Tournament: Ready to take on the world on even footing? The upcoming PvP Tournament will allow all combatants to face off in 3v3 matches where skill & team work dictate the results!

We will elaborate more on these features leading up to the release of Battle of Equals. The full list of patch notes will be available on ahead of the update.

Skyforge Battle of Equals

We also have something else coming up next month that’s certainly an exciting time for all of us…

Skyforge’s First Anniversary

In July, Skyforge will be officially celebrating its first anniversary - We plan to kick off the celebration on July 13th!

Obviously, this is a very exciting time for us as Skyforge has been going strong for its first year and there’s just so much left for it in the very near future! During the celebration players will be invited to view some fun statistics regarding the game, light off some fireworks, and receive some unique anniversary rewards!

We’ll have more details to share as the date gets closer, but in the meantime, the entire Skyforge Team would like to thank each member of the community for their continued support, feedback, reports, and dedication! We’ll be sure to see you around for next year’s celebration, too!