Crucible of the Gods Preview – Prestige Scaling!

Skyforge’s Crucible of the Gods update is arriving August 11th - bringing with it variety of fixes, improvements, and additions. With each passing day, it becomes significantly more difficult for all of us here on the Skyforge Team to contain our excitement and not spoil the contents of the behemoth that is our patch notes. To both help us control ourselves and give you a little taste we’d like to announce the implementation of Prestige Scaling in Crucible of the Gods!

Prestige Scaling is a system within Skyforge that lets players of any prestige participate in the same adventures! This is accomplished by applying an effect to the lowest prestige members of the group which increases both their health and damage during the duration of the adventure. Joining a group with scaled prestige locks that adventure’s difficulty to “Normal” and awards all player’s appropriate rewards for their prestige! Albeit this system is limited to use during certain adventures such as Squad, Group, Battles, and Invasions.


The method of joining an Adventure remains the same, however the Interface’s functionality has been slightly altered to accommodate this new feature. Selecting Join functions the same as its current form, allowing participation by a solo player or a pre-formed group but the groups will remain limited by how far apart their member’s prestige currently is. Additionally, the difficulty can be manually chosen. Selecting Group Finder allows participation with a random or pre-formed group of players. The varying prestige is not taken into account and lower prestige members will receive the enhancing effect and the difficulty will not exceed “Normal”.

Prestige Scaling is just one of the many exciting new features coming to Skyforge on August 11th and we’re very happy to finally get the opportunity to share them with you!