Cybernetic Alliance: D2 Distortion

With the D1 crown yet unclaimed, we prepare the next level of the D-Series Distortions for its eventual challenger.

The D2 Distortion will pit players up against three bosses simultaneously, requiring the group to split up to manage each boss in small separated sectors. Players in the Divine Form should flock between groups to assist as necessary, but how the groups are formed and operate is up to the team to organize.

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance D2 Distortion 1

Each boss shares a variety of abilities, all of which make the job of defeating them extremely difficult, to say the least. First, they are able to place a mark on players with basic attacks which increases the damage they take with every strike that follows. Next, each boss has a shield that significantly reduces damage but when this shield drops – it’s your time to strike. Said shield also acts as an indicator for the players, alerting them of the abilities he is about to use. This includes dispersing “ghostly skulls” which will noticeably rise in threat the longer the fight goes on. At first, it merely inflicts damage, then applies a Fear effect, and finally will heal the boss when it hits any member of your group.

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance D2 Distortion 2

The next ability to watch out for is the two “ghostly hands” which will latch onto members of your team. Depending on its color, one can only be damaged by characters in the Divine Form while the other is completely immune to godly powers and can only be damaged by regular Immortals.
Finally, another mark known as the “Trial of Fortitude” can be placed on an unfortunate player. This can, and should, be immediately removed by a Support’s shield. If it isn’t, the afflicted player will receive high damage after a short time.

These dangerous foes aren’t done yet, as they have a few tricks up their metaphorical sleeves. For instance, minions can be summoned to bring the bosses health orbs or quite the opposite, suicide bombers. The bombs these menaces have can be used against the boss, if you happen to take ownership of them of course.

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance D2 Distortion 3

Despite these harsh trials, don’t fret! Each boss shares a singular health pool, so damaging one will weaken the others all the same. So suit up, spread out, and demolish these undead beasts!

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance D2 Distortion 4