Cybernetic Alliance: Equipment Refinement

From early on in Skyforge, players are introduced to Equipment Boosters which increase the stats provided by your Main, Additional, and Ring slots. While beneficial, the means required to upgrade these are very demanding for a player both in time and resource commitment. This has resulted in few players taking full advantage of the system which proves unfortunate, as both the primary stats and the additional Health & Might Efficiency can increase a players power significantly.

In an effort to provide a better, more streamlined, experience with this system we’ll be introducing a series of changes in our upcoming Cybernetic Alliance update!

Skyforge Equipment refine 3

Particles of Mastery

First and foremost, Particles of Mastery will be completely removed from the game. Instead, your maximum rank will be limited by Proficiency rather than collecting upwards to hundreds of thousands of an additional resource. Players that happen to have unspent chests containing Particles of Mastery will see them converted into new Enhancement Stones. Speaking of…

New Enhancement Stones

The current Enhancement Stones will be replaced with a new singular currency of the same name which cannot be bought or sold on the Market.

Skyforge Equipment refine 1

These new stones will be primarily received by disassembling unwanted equipment, with 300 credits per stone being deducted from the cap. Identically to the unopened chests, any Enhancement Stones players currently possess will be converted into the new currency.


Most importantly, players are no longer required to spend BOTH credits and stones. It is now the players choice to spend one or the other, depending on their available assets. Additionally, the cost of upgrading has been noticeably lowered compared to the current prices however the maximum rank has been increased from 19 to 34 to allow further progression.
For those that worry about what will happen to the progress they have already made, worry not! Current investments into Equipment Boosters will be converted into the new currency and automatically distributed amongst the corresponding booster to compensate for any changes in costs. Additionally, your maximum booster rank prior to the update will also provide a bonus in the form of the new Enhancement Stones.

Skyforge Equipment refine 2

Keep an eye out for more news & updates regarding Cybernetic Alliance prior to its release on June 1st!