Dark Omen: Patch Notes

Dark Omen, our next major content update for Skyforge, is going live on March 16th. While we’re highlighting a few of the notable additions, there’s so much more!

• Have an impenetrable defense during the Tessa Battles, but unsure how long you can keep holding the line? (Portals will now close after 20 minutes if the trees are not damaged!)

• Are you completely confident in your ability to disassemble the correct items? (You can now choose to ignore the quality of items while disassembling, disabling the pop-up confirmation!)

• Do you believe the Monk needs a nudge in the right direction to further assist their potential? (We wouldn’t want to spoil the change – you can find it in the Classes section in the Patch Notes!)

Check out all of the upcoming additions, fixes, and various improvements now!

The Dark Omen Patch Notes Await!