Seasonal challenges await!


The Gorgonide invasion brings with it seasonal challenges - difficult (and not so difficult) trials that let you test your skills and earn valuable rewards. The first challenges are already available, but more are coming!


To make the game more exciting and enjoyable, the challenges are unlocked in stages — in the first, third, and fifth weeks of the season. They are not necessarily tied to the invasion itself. For example, this season you need to complete the Nedder Test Area and rescue survivors in group and squad adventures.


By completing challenges, you earn seasonal points. The amount depends on the difficulty of the challenge. If you participate in an operation of utmost importance - you will receive 3 points. Defeat Oscabon and Iriza in the first Gorgonide distortion without having a single group member die - and you’ll get 8.

The first immortals that defeat distortion bosses or the champion incarnation of Bedazzling Akonita will complete special challenges. Those grant a lot of points, so only a few (up to ten) fastest and most experienced players can get them. But don’t worry - they are not mandatory, and you can unlock all rewards without those special challenges - they just help you accumulate points faster. And it’s always nice to be the first!


Keep in mind that in the first days of each stage, some challenges will grant an increased number of points. We recommend you start with those, because the bonus is temporary, and completing these challenges will get you to the final reward sooner.

When you receive a certain number of points, another reward will become unlocked in the challenge interface. Don’t forget to claim it - when the season ends, all points will be reset, and the next invasion will unlock new challenges and rewards.

What can I get for completing challenges?

Aside from game currency, Premium subscription, and chests with equipment, completing the challenges of the current Gorgonide invasion can earn you a unique Ripper Combat Vehicle, companion Kryte, a costume, and wings.

Players have access to eleven basic rewards, but you can also purchase a seasonal subscription and receive nine more. If you have already earned a certain number of challenge points, after purchasing the seasonal subscription you can immediately claim the rewards it unlocks. But to get them all, you will need to get the maximum number of points!

For example, to receive the Ripper Combat Vehicle, you need 190 points. But it’s worth it - just look at its abilities:

ab1 Shred Activates the side blades that deal damage to enemies around the machine. Each turn of the blades consumes combat vehicle energy.
ab2 Breakout After a short pause, the vehicle dashes forward, dealing damage to enemies it hits and tossing them up in the air. During the dash, the machine leaves a trail of fire behind. It deals damage over time to all enemies in the area of effect. The ability has 2 charges. Breakout consumes combat vehicle energy.
ab3 Clean-Up Dismounting from the vehicle that consumes combat vehicle energy. At the same time, the machine deals great damage to enemies around it. Over the next few seconds, the machine blades, previously plunged into the ground, will periodically appear next to nearby enemies, dealing damage to them.

After purchasing the subscription, you will also receive a special portrait underlay, and your class icon will be the color of the invasion army. Once the invasion is over, you will keep the portrait underlay, but the icon color will revert to its previous setting - silver or gold.

It should also be noted that the reward for completing distortions and defeating the champion or training incarnation of an avatar is now constant. It will not change from season to season. Rewards that you previously received for completing these tasks will now be given for completing challenges.

As the invasion nears its end, you’ll be able to purchase missing progress.

New challenges await! Prove you are worthy of the reward!