New challenges and rewards for invasions


Soon completing invasions will be more exciting and profitable. The Gorgonide fleet is approaching Aelion, bringing with it seasonal challenges. They are difficult trials available only during an invasion. Even experienced players will have difficulty tackling them, but those who succeed will be amply rewarded.

Can you defeat an avatar without dying? Or complete an adventure on Nightmare difficulty without using your divine form? What about the invasion boss? Can you defeat them without taking damage from some of their attacks? Soon you’ll have a chance to find out!

We can (and should) keep adding new content - that’s cool. But there’s a problem. Adventures you’ve been playing for years won’t get any newer. Many players don’t feel properly challenged in old operations, but we can’t remove Isabella simply because it’s old, can we? But we could add a bit of variety to it. Preferably not by increasing the bosses’ HP and damage, but by making players use the existing mechanics. Seasonal challenges create this necessity. Sometimes they want you to do impossible things.

No, the game itself won’t really change, but adventures that have become a chore will offer new challenges and somewhat new experience. As you can see, seasonal challenges are aimed at players who have achieved everything in Skyforge. They need new goals.

If you are fairly new to Skyforge, you will enjoy this, too. Not all challenges are overly difficult - some of them can easily be handled by a beginner. And you can always use an extra reward, right?

-Alice “Cheshire”. Game Designer for Skyforge

How does it work?

Seasonal challenges will appear at the start of an invasion, unlocking a special chain of rewards. Once the season is over, all points will be reset, and the next invasion will bring new challenges.


You will see the complete list of challenges, but they will be unlocked gradually, depending on the availability of certain adventures. For each completed challenge, you will receive a certain number of points - the harder the challenge, the more points you get.

Pay attention: some challenges are worth more points on the day they become available - the reward will be temporary increased. Complete a difficult task within the allotted time, and you’ll be one step closer to the desired reward!

Once you gain a certain amount of points, you will unlock appropriate rewards - from game currencies to unique combat vehicles. If you reach the maximum - you’ll get the grand prize!


Click here to view the 3D model.

Characters that gain the maximum amount of points will receive 11 rewards. You can also unlock extra prizes and double their number, which will make completing an invasion even more profitable!

We hope you will enjoy this feature. We will talk more about the challenges of the Gorgonide invasion later, when Bedazzling Akonita’s fleet reaches Aelion.

Are you ready for new challenges?