Everyday Hero Packs!

We’re excited to announce the introduction of our time-limited Everyday Hero Packs which come in three variations – Sun of Naori, Heart of Battle, and the Everyday Hero Combo Pack!

Perhaps you need a break from protecting Aelion – Why not enjoy a relaxing day out on the Beach with your new wardrobe and friendly Moah? Perhaps you have no time for such foolishness, choosing to be ready for action? In that case, don your Tournament Armor, prepare your majestic Griffin, and take the fight straight to the enemy!


Sun of Naori Heart of Battle Everyday Hero Combo Pack
Moah Roamer Transport Black-Winged Griffin Transport Sun of Naori Pack
Tropical Costume Tournament Armor Outfit & Headpiece Heart of Battle Pack
750,000 Credits 25,000 Argents
17 Stimulants 1,000 Knowledge of Enemies
1,500 Knowledge of Enemies 250,000 Credits
2,000 Victor’s Medals

To view the complete details or to purchase the Everyday Hero Packs, visit our dedicated Everyday Hero Packs page.

The Everyday Hero Packs will be available until November 3rd!