Battle of Equals Live & Up to 50% Off Strategic Items!

Battle of Equals

We’re happy to announce that Battle of Equals is now live and available for download! All players may begin updating their client to experience the new features and changes Skyforge has to offer, such as:

Haven’t seen the full details yet? No problem! Discover everything that Battle of Equals has to offer via our Patch Notes.

It’s an exciting time for Skyforge, with new changes arriving often and even more surprise waiting just around the corner. In the meantime, we have something much more exciting to discuss…

Competitive Tournament

Today, the Battle of Equals Tournament has begun! Fight on equal footing with or against your friends to prove who truly has earned the title of the best PvP players in Skyforge!

For the next two weeks, players will be participating in 3v3 matches during the Qualification stage before the real-deal kicks off! More details can be found in our Battle of Equals preview, but to reiterate some noteworthy elements of this tournament:

  • Players will be on equal footing – Transportation, Divine Form, Symbols from each atlas cannot be used.
  • Players will join the battle as a hero that has only the current Talents, Skills, and Weapon properties of your character.
  • Ranking can be gained alone or as part of a previously formed group.
  • Players will join as a class with a set prestige indicator – No equalization found in other PvP modes.

We wish everyone the best of luck, and eagerly await to see the results of the competition over the coming weeks!

Strategic Items Market Offer

From July 20th until July 27th, take advantage of up to 50% off certain strategic items found within the in-game Market!

Which glorious items will be on sale? Simply check out all the details below or within the Invasion tab of the in-game Market!

Don’t hesitate or you may just miss an opportunity to further your true potential!