History of Aelion: Fort Krigg

We’re sticking around Eastern Inkara for a while and heading up to the rocky mountains of the Great Ridge, home of Fort Krigg – a large reinforced fort which currently serves as a prison for dangerous criminals.



Several centuries ago, Fort Krigg was constructed with the task of defending the inhabited area from hostile aliens that continued to assault the region. The Immortals did a fantastic job of cleaning the area. In fact, the invaders stopped returning altogether! Without the need of the fort, which was costing a pretty penny to maintain while idle, it was decided to reconstruct Fort Krigg into a great prison intended to hold all prisoners indefinitely. It’s true that the invasions united the people of Aelion, but crime remained long after the rest of the planet joined forces. Large criminal organizations secretly sliced off one sweet piece after another while the authorities were preoccupied fighting against the invading hordes.


Needless to say, the cells of Fort Krigg have never been empty considering all the clans constantly attempting to make it big. The most dangerous of the fort’s residents are a radical cultist group of fire-worshipers. They were dangerous fanatics who committed arson, caused explosions, and burned people alive. All of this ended when the Immortals successfully stopped their dangerous actions, locking the cultists up in the toughest cells and keeping them in the most severe conditions - under medical supervision, of course. The general concept of their order is still being studied, but it’s absolutely clear that all adepts of this order have psychiatric issues, all kinds of insanity, and each of them shows signs of pathological fire-setting.

Current Situation

A massive explosion was reported at Fort Krigg recently, taking the lives of many guards and prisoners alike. On top of that, it deactivated the prison's security system, leaving the convicted to run free. It appears the fire-worshipers have joined in on the riot, being more than happy to assist with the massacre. It’s possible, and extremely likely, that the fire-worshipers were the ones responsible for the explosion in the first place – That’s what they’re known for after all.

Heads of the prison's various orders are regrouping and even common prisoners are beginning to join their ranks. This riot will quickly turn into a real disaster if we don’t act quickly!


Immortals! Pacify the prisoners however necessary and save any remaining innocents!