History of Aelion: Donholk Glacier

Frozen by Thror during ancient times, glaciers have since covered one of Western Inkara’s shores. Here we discover Donholk Glacier, complete with a nearby research station always filled with scientists and Templars.


Stretched at the foot of a mountain range, Donholk is a few thousand year old submontane glacier composed of a dozen valley glaciers which interflowed upon exiting onto a plain. Its formation predetermined the occurrence of numerous caves and tunnels located inside.


Most people always did their best to avoid Donholk as the old legends say there is nothing here but ice, rocks, and death. It’s quite accurate, with nearly no animals excluding the giant mammoths which are quite comfortable in the area.

Current Situation

Scientists from the research station reported unknown creatures wandering around the glacier at night. A few Templars volunteered to investigate, however connection to the group was lost the same day. A few of the scientists said that the mysterious figures vaguely reminded them of Virds. Suddenly, everything became rather clear…


It appears the Reapers of Death, loyal minions of Thanatos, hid within the caves of Donholk Glacier. Despite the cold, this is the perfect hideout for them: it’s deserted and hardly anyone enters the old frozen caves. Fortunately, even with their best efforts at attempting to hide, they were still revealed to Aelion’s defenders.

The scientists, scared to death by these reapers, contacted Aelinar for urgent support. It is time to go to Donholk in person and found out whether these really are the Reapers of Death or not!