History of Aelion: Ignum Monastery

Anyone who travels to the east of Lanber Forest, close to the foothills, will more than likely find themselves at the gates of the grand Ignum Monastery.


Ignum Monastery was erected several centuries ago and is among the first dozen of monasteries of which Ianna helped lay the foundation. Due to this, Ignum is closely connected to Ianna’s Monastery located within the Lanber Forest region. Adepts from both complexes visit each other often, exchanging news, sharing knowledge, and providing their experience as necessary. Along with this bond, both Ignum and Lanber know the sects of healing potions and the brewing of tuuta, as is common in the forest regions. Pilgrims usually visit the Lanber Monastery first and then head to Ignum along the beaten paths. Under the most ideal weather conditions, walking between these communities can take a few days, yet the journey is always considered worthwhile.


In an effort to keep order and peace in the neighborhood, Ianna had a Templar barrack constructed within its walls. These amazing warriors are well trained and practice their skills often – No enemy to the goddess would want to engage them. However, this is common for monasteries and temples under the control of Ianna as she goes above and beyond to ensure the absolute safety of her followers. Despite their extensive training and unmatched combat prowess, a single squad is not enough to hold back an army…

The mighty god of Lanber Valley, Nerion, was once a noble and just god. His lust for power has caused him to betray his people and his loyal army of Mantides are ravaging Kyris and the Lanber Forest. Nerion’s Templars are running the show in both of Ianna’s territories and the situation is escalating from bad to worse in Ignum.


Ignum’s defenders were able to prepare their defenses as soon as the approaching enemy was spotted. They fought bravely - Nerion’s Templars were held back for a while but their numbers proved far too great. All Templars & adherents were slain, while the monastery was devastated and set ablaze. The intruders still remain at home in Ignum as they search for survivors and anything that can be utilized to their advantage.

It may be too late to save the lives of those that have been lost but we can still take this opportunity to dispense revenge upon Nerion’s forces! Hurry to Ignum Monastery, lay waste to these heartless beings, and make yourself a vessel of justice!