History of Aelion: Tau Experimental Station

As we continue our adventures across Aelion, today we are taking a look behind the veil of secrecy concerning the Tau Experimental Station - a secret laboratory and testing ground, where the Wardens of Elements were studied.


The station was built several years ago near the Milene Caves in a small complex. The laboratory is classified, accessible to only the highest commanding ranks in Aelion, and was placed far away from inhabited areas. Since it was first established, Wardens of the Elements have been kept in energy cells where they were both studied and experimented upon.

Image 1

Several months ago the Wardens of Death became unusually aggressive, intensifying their attacks on Aelion’s populace, resulting in the station’s chiefs deciding to focus their study on this type of creature. Several experimental specimens were captured, among which there were some especially large ones on which great hopes were placed.

Image 2

Despite the fact that the scientists had worked with such dangerous creatures for many years, nothing out of the ordinary had ever occurred.

But somehow the specimens got out of control and escaped their captivity. Their anger was taken out on valuable equipment. Those scientists who attempted to save their work, were killed on the spot while the others managed to escape to a safe place, far away from the rioting creatures.

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Those that survived could do only one thing - immediately call for help and ask for all personnel to be evacuated from Tau Station. Communications were faulty: it seems the Wardens of Death had inadvertently tampered with them. The scientists could only hope their distress signal had been received, for a little after sending the message the communication channel stopped working completely. But they did get lucky as a few minutes later the command center in Aelinar received their distress signal.

Image 4

It appears a really serious incident has occurred at the Tau Station and it cannot be dealt with by mere mortals. Immediate intervention is required from Aelion’s Immortal defenders!