History of Aelion: Thorneus’s Camp

Along the eastern coast of Western Inkara, near Donholk Glacier, one can find Aelion’s artificial icefields. During the Dark Times, when invasions were a constant never ending threat, gods and immortals alike protected Aelion in every way they possibly could. Some however, for better or worse, took their duty to the absolute maximum of their capabilities.


An army of Oceanids were destroying everything in their path and proving to be a series threat to civilians on the heavily populated coastline. The mighty god Thror decided to stop them on the fringes of their domain, right in the roaring ocean itself. The other immortals did not support him on this endeavor, however, and Thror had to face the hordes of sea beasts alone. Alas, despite his massive strength there were too many for even such brave defender to handle. With no other viable options available, he choose to act on the last option available to him – Freeze the sea itself and forever bind the invaders within their beloved waters.


Thror pronounced an incantation and the horde of Oceanids were left in a state of awe as, in an instant, the water solidified around them. He had did what he intended to do, but something went wrong…

Thror disappeared. Nobody has heard anything of him since. Some people say, he spent all of his godly powers on that final gambit and dissolved into thin air. Or maybe he just overestimated his abilities and got stuck in the ice, too. Whatever it was that happened, the sea beasts were safely imprisoned in ice and the people of Aelion were saved.

Not so long ago, some of the frozen aliens were discovered by scientists. In their arguably misguided nature, they were excited and couldn’t wait to study the amazing creatures: Their body turned out to be unharmed, a true researcher’s Holy Grail!


Profound discussions occurred before Aelinar’s academic council decided to send out an expedition. The camp was established in the middle of the icy plain, and the scientists were inspired to get right into the hard work. It was here they discovered a gigantic Kraken under the thick layer of ice along with the other creatures. Experts thawed Oceanids one by one and dissected them for study. Most of these creatures were in a state of hibernation brought on by the flash-freeze, and returned to normal after defrosting as if nothing had happened.

Recently, Thorneus’s Camp sent an emergency rescue signal instead of a regular report to the scientific society, claiming the expedition was attacked by Khelps. Aelinar’s leaders were more than certain that the army of the sea slumbered peacefully under the ice and that the scientists were safe. They could hardly break free without outside assistance and Aelion equipment. The question is, who was it? Could it be incredible negligence or deliberate sabotage?


Regardless of the cause, connection with the camp broke immediately. Due to the harsh weather conditions and unknown threat, it was decided to send immortals to investigate the area.

Head into the frozen unknown and discover the cause of the expedition’s demise!