History of Aelion: Saffire Air Dockyard

Weapons are produced in massive quantities on Aelion as constant alien threats leave the defenders with no other choice. Laboratories and plants produce hundreds and thousands of weapons or vehicles every day without a break, each one staffed by a large number of people.

The core of every science laboratory is a small group of specialists consisting of talented scientists that are able to develop an uncompromising solution for any problem presented to them. That is why Aelion’s military facilities hire only the best of the best, as they are expected to function quickly and effectively as a single unit.


Aelion’s new research laboratory, Saffire Air Dockyard, is equipped with the most advanced technology and has a similar group of scientists under its roof. From day one, they have been working under Flavius’s authority and collaborating with the commanders of Aelion’s army. They are responsible for developing the new generation of weapons, vehicles, and equipment that will replace obsolete units that our defenders are currently using.

The laboratory started its work by launching the production of several new prototypes created with the help of Flavius. At the closed presentation that took place within the research facility’s territory, the scientists presented new weapons of massive destructive power, new models of tanks, and other combat vehicles.


Their creations were well received and command gave the go-ahead to start delivering them to Aelion’s hot spots. Due to the importance of this laboratory, the security in the surrounding area has been doubled. The entire facility’s work efforts are carried out in strict secrecy to eliminate any chance of the new blueprints ending up on the black market or even in the hands of our enemies.

Unfortunately, these measures were not enough to prevent an attack. The Mechanoid army managed to locate the laboratory and launched an assault on the facility. The guards attempted to hold off the invaders but their numbers proved too much for the mortals. Mechanoids swarmed the territory, overtaking assembly halls, warehouses, dwelling units, and laboratories.

Aelion lost many scientists, laboratory assistances, and technicians, not to mention the guards that put up a gallant resistance until their last breath.


Immortals! Head to this overrun facility, search for any survivors that may remain, and put a stop to whatever terrifying plans the Mechanoids may have!