History of Aelion: Saiban Archipelago

Like all other such platforms, the history of Saiban is enveloped in a veil of mystery. It is difficult to say what these structures, so similar to palaces, actually were. And it is just as difficult to determine what is affecting gravity in this region. So far we have only had unconfirmed theories based on legends and hearsay.

Skyforge Saiban Archipelago 1

We can only speak with certainty about the events that took place after Aeli disappeared, when Aelion was shaken by bloody wars against armies of alien invaders. During one of these wars, when the people of Aelion fought a horde of Mechanoids, there was a great battle above the archipelago. The Mechanoids were defeated that day, part of their fleet crashed on the floating platforms of the ancient complex. People landed on the archipelago and for several days they finished off the surviving enemies, not wanting to let even one enemy escape. When it had all ended, the protectors of Aelion flew away, leaving behind piles of demolished Mechanoids and their now worthless modules.
Skyforge Saiban Archipelago 2

Although this battle damaged the ruins significantly they continued to silently float in the air. Many years have passed, and now the great chronicler Asterius has decided to study the Aelite ruins. But before he could reach Saiban, the area has attracted the interest of Aelion’s military forces.
Intelligence has recently intercepted a signal coming from the very center of the Saiban Archipelago. That is very strange indeed, for the signal seemed to be sent by one of the Mechanoid modules. It was very alarming, since everyone knows that: Saiban had been empty for years, and even adventurers wanting to look at the old ruins prefer to stay away from these parts.
Skyforge Saiban Archipelago 3

A scout was sent to the archipelago to find the source of the signal and summon an operations group from Aelinar if need be, but as soon as the scout landed, all contact with him was lost. Whatever is happening on the Saiban Archipelago, we must check it out, and if there is a threat, it must be eliminated.
Skyforge Saiban Archipelago 4