History of Aelion - Thetin Rift

The endless wanderlust that motivates our journey across Aelion leads us into Nerion’s territory. Situated not too far south from Kyris and Lanber Valley is a deep and narrow fissure which splits the mountain ridge in two.


Thetin Rift, as it has been deemed, was formed several dozens of thousands of years ago through natural causes over an extensive period. When people first began to inhabit Lanber Valley they had to build bridges, typically comprised of simple suspension bridges at first, to successfully navigate the fissure. These were later transformed into fundamental constructions created from wood and metal.

To pilgrims that made their way into the Lanber Valley, Thetin Rift was easily the most beautiful sight they had come across during their travels. While still highly respected today, ancient ruins were particularly popular among many people of Aelion who visited them as they sought to observe their heritage and worship their chosen deities. One such chapel’s ruins are located at the end of Thetin Rift and, despite dating back to the time of Aeli’s reign, archaeologists have no idea whether the great god had anything to do with the temple. No evidence, artefacts, relics, or any other potentially beneficial objects have been found that could help confirm its origin. Unfortunately, the time of peace is now over. Thetin Rift has become prey to the greed & lust for power of Aelion’s remaining gods.


Mantide invaders, under the control of Nerion, have flooded the canyon and more continue to arrive every day! Whatever took control over Nerion’s mind, whatever is driving him, it’s the local citizens that inhabit his domain that must deal with the consequences. This young god has betrayed his people, allowing the spread of vile intruders to seep into the peaceful valley and nearby lands. Even with the intervention of the Immortals, it will take days or even weeks to successfully drive out every last remaining pest that now infests this once beautiful landmark.

You must be quick, Immortal, as allowing the Mantides to remain in control of such a hideout could result in unforeseen disasters!