History of Aelion: Syblian Heights

Syblian Heights is located south of Western Inkara, near the Cronnel Platforms. While it’s not completely clear where they originated from, it’s highly possible that they may be the territories that split off of the Isola complex.



Historians have no reliable data of this place during the Aelite times. However, Aeli himself used Syblian Heights as a research area where he studied the Wardens of Elements – strange, but fascinating creatures who were originally mages of Aelion. His research was part of preparations for enslaving Ignis, a might Warden of Fire who caused issues for common people for many years. His prison was intended to be placed on the neighboring Cronnel air platforms.


Aeli carried out his experiments on elemental alters designed to capture Ignis. To further his efforts, both Wardens of Water and Fire were gathered on Syblian Heights as they proved to be an important part of his work. After spending much time studying the creatures, Aeli finally found a way to bind them. When the experiments came to an end, he locked the mighty and aggressive wardens in their altars to ensure they didn’t wander freely around Aelion.

Current Situation

No longer than a few days ago, one of the appointed caretakers of Isola and adjacent territories found that the once securely bound Wardens of Elements had broken loose. The caretaker followed his official instructions, sending a message to Aelinar for assistance, before landing his ship nearby for reconnaissance.


It’s time for the gods to find out what really is happening on Syblian Heights and who could have possibly set the hostile Elementals free.