History of Aelion: Milene Caves

The ground beneath Aelion’s wondrous landscapes is host to magnificent secrets lost long before our time. Few know what these hidden caverns hold and even less comprehend their original purpose. An excavation can be found tucked away in the Eskenian Peninsula, twisting and expanding throughout the earth underneath this regions lush jungles.
It is here where scientists and explorers alike travel through the mysterious Milene Caves in hopes of discovering the latest technological marvel this seemingly infinite cavern hides within its dark expanse.

Waters from the Dyoman Ocean have been washing away the area for centuries, slowly eroding the stone and expanding the caverns so large that some even possess their own microclimate. Despite this, the caves themselves were fully formed by the beginning of the Darean Age, when all continents of Aelion took their current shape. Milene Caves has yet to be fully measured but the length of this underground system is estimated at well beyond a hundred miles, all with the potential of containing secrets about Aelion’s first civilizations.

Milene Caves 1

Scientists have flocked to this region in the past, performing expeditions which discovered the ruins of many cities and temples, the likes of which have never been seen before. For years, scientists explored the shallow halls located near the surface until they were forced to withdraw their research following an unimaginable incident. During an Invasion, a Mechanoid ship fell from the sky and crashed through the rock bed into one of Milene Caves’ largest caverns, becoming permanently lodged in the process.

Templars and Immortals were immediately dispatched to clear the caves of all Mechanoids however, despite appearing to have no method of escape, no mechanoid activity was detected in the vicinity of the ship. To ensure no harm was brought upon the innocent adventurers, their operations were terminated and both the military and scientists left the cave for years to come.

Milene Caves 2

Recently, it was decided that the studying of the Milene Cave Complex would resume following much interest in both the ruins that were originally discovered and the enthusiasts willing to analyze the crashed Mechanoid ship – Much of today’s technology on Aelion is based on the knowledge gleaned from these creatures and the thirst for new discoveries is never quenched for the scientifically inclined. Following a geological survey of the area, harvesting the massive deposits of Crystallite became a high priority and massive drills were constructed to better mine this much sought after mineral.

These new expeditions proved fruitful, however even below the surface Aelion’s citizens are provided no peace. While examining an ancient altar found within the ruins of this vanished civilization, a horde of furious Elemental Wardens appeared, assaulting the scientists. Following shortly after and continuing this parade of unfortunate circumstances, Mechanoid troops landed near their long-forgotten ship forcing the abandonment of this research as well.
The Mechanoids undoubtedly sought to repair and restore the ships primary function as after laying dormant for years the ship began to awaken. The interest to study these beings is great but returning will surely spell disaster for those who attempt it.

Milene Caves 3

Enraged Elemental Wardens, reawakened Mechanoids, and Fauna agitated by the constant drilling is what awaits the Immortals in Milene Caves. Scientists that were not prepared to evacuate have been slain and the caves are overrun with creatures that have not taken kindly to our presence. Many seek to continue their research however others merely wish to survive. Help these inquiring minds, Immortals, and ensure that they leave safely.