The Firestarter: Master of Flame!

Long ago, a mad Elder God called Kir held dominion over most of Aelion. Holding hitherto unfathomable mastery over fire magic, he seduced an army of acolytes with his amazing abilities, and cruelly subjugated those who resisted. The art of fire magic was thought lost when Aelion resisted, and the God eventually met his end. However, thousands of years later, it seems that the spirit of Kir endured, and it has sought out a powerful new host.

– Asterius’ Encyclopedia

If you play with fire, someone’s going to get burned… Immortals, we are proud to present the Firestarter, the latest class to join the Skyforge universe! A theatrical performer imbued with the ancient and deadly powers of the Fire God Kir, the Firestarter wields unimaginable control over all manner of flames and heat sources, providing incredible ranged damage dealing support to allies in the heat of battle.

The Firestarters are a nomadic people that have survived for centuries on their dramatic merits, entertaining the peoples of Aelion with their mesmerizing fire performances, breathtaking tricks, and astonishing tales of Gods, cults, heroic deeds, and tragic events. Their harlequin- and jester-inspired look is no mistake either, for the Firestarters also have a reputation as tricksters and charlatans, and for a time their magic amounted to nothing more than simple illusions. However, a chance encounter with the spirit of Kir, an ancient Elder God worshipped by their ancestors, imbued the Firestarters with an inconceivable power that they could previously only dream of.


These once-dormant abilities can be channeled through twin torches, sophisticated weapons that act as an extension of the Firestarter, seamlessly delivering fantastic and eye-catching attacks with a graceful flair. The Firestarter is best used as a ranged damage dealer; use the wide array of available abilities to braise enemies on a slow cook setting, or chargrill them for a swift and smoky finish. Large and small fireballs can be generated and cast from afar with elegant strokes of the torches, while enemies that stray too close to the Firestarter will encounter the mythical heat of Fire Breath, or the hypnotic moves of the Fire Dance.


The Firestarter’s fire mastery extends to the unforgiving forces of nature. Geothermal eruptions can be drawn from Aelion’s crust to deliver a vicious volcanic assault to enemies standing beneath it, while the Incinerating Rain ability is an attack of cosmic proportions which can summon a devastating meteor strike on the battlefield. Finally, the Path of Flame is a secret and shocking gambit which allows the Firestarter to transform into a Fire Cat! In this form, fire portals will open, allowing the Fire Cat to flit across the battlefield, confusing the enemy as their lifeforce burns away.

Firestarter’s Abilities:

Ability Description
burn Burn This is the Firestarter’s primary basic attack. Using the Firestarter’s twin torches, generate small fire projectiles that can gradually damage enemies from a distance.
fs Flaming Sphere This attack creates large fireballs that grow in size as they near their targets. The Flaming Sphere will explode on contact with enemies and create a damaging blast radius, affecting anything in the surrounding area.
fb Fire Breath This attack allows the Firestarter to exhale damaging flames.
Eruption Eruption The Firestarter can harness geothermal energy from the earth that will badly burn any enemies caught in the fire fountain summoned.
fd Fire Dance The Firestarter’s theatrical abilities allow it to kick up some sparks, generating area of effect damage.
sof Shape of Fire This transformation move reflects the grace and agility of the class, allowing the Firestarter to transform into a Fire Menar. This flaming cat increases movement speed, and reduces damage received by 50%. Enemies who come in contact with your Menar form will catch fire and panic, while three portals will also open that allow you to recover 20% health, 20 energy points, and one Flaming Sphere charge when you jump through them.
pof Path of Flame This ability allows your fiery feline form to create portals, and use their teleportation properties to get the jump on enemies from any angle.
ir Incinerating Rain Bring the battlefield to a standstill with this spectacular finishing move. The Firestarter can hail a flaming meteor shower from the sky, raining down an unstoppable barrage which will cause massive damage to any enemies unlucky enough to be caught in it.


The Firestarter also has access to additional passive abilities. These abilities can be unlocked by completing certain quests on Thea and Terra. The Starfall skill, once unlocked, will automatically be available for the Firestarter to use, while only one Terra skill can be applied to the Firestarter at any given time.

Ability Description
sf Starfall (Thea) At the maximum energy level, let the devastation of your Incinerating Rain attack reign for an extra 6 seconds. Damage from this ultimate ability may also stun your target for 2 seconds (only once).
fg Flame Guardian (Terra) Flaming Sphere deals 33% more damage with each accumulated charge.
bb Boiling Blood (Terra) This attack allows the Firestarter to exhale damaging flames.
oh Overheating (Terra) When the Firestarter gains 90 or more points of energy, they burst into flame and, 3 seconds later, will deal damage within a surrounding 10 yard radius. The effect can only be triggered once every 20 seconds.


The Firestarter’s abilities range from carefully targeted and deliberate to devastating and destructive, making this dark trickster an excellent wildcard addition to any team. Rack up damage from afar using fireballs, and when enemies have been stewing for a while, ramp up the heat to flash-fry them with a heavy attack like Eruption or Incinerating Rain. The Path of Flame ability especially opens up a multitude of attack strategies, particularly when coupled with the Tame Flame passive ability. This ability is tactically advantageous to your allies, who will be able to use your Fire Menar’s portals to teleport too.

The powers and the cruel resolve of Kir may burn through the Firestarter’s veins, but the reins of destiny are firmly in your hands. Ready to become a new kind of hero? The Firestarter is joyously easy to get to grips with, and this graceful entertainer will prove to be a mighty warrior if you master every angle of the ancient art of fire magic.


Download and play Skyforge for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and unlock the powers of the Firestarter!