New adventure on Terra


The Ignition update will be released on September 3! Flavius ordered to speed up the New Enemy program, which will help Immortals understand the language of the Draconids. From now on, the number of points counted towards this program will increase significantly. Help scientists in research and bring closer the discovery of a new adventure - "The Heart of the City", and it will be discussed in today's article!

The dungeon will be different from all previous adventures. After the first (story) run, you can visit it again to get rewards for the group version. But the adventure won’t be linear this time around - the objectives will be randomly selected. We hope our players will appreciate this approach, and it will become another source of game currencies in Skyforge.

Keep your eyes open, explore every nook and cranny in the Heart of the City, and you will learn a lot about the ancient civilization of Terra!


Captain Garos’s scouts intercepted a strange message on the Draconids’ command frequency. Apparently they have discovered something important in the heart of the old city. Immortals will have to venture into the ruins of the ancient civilization and beat the enemy to the punch!

The adventure starts near the abandoned subway station that we must reach through the tunnels. Immortals need to get to the center of the city to locate the object the Draconids are interested in.

On their way to the center, the group will pass the city park where the first random event takes place. You will need to destroy the enemy outpost, stop poisonous mycelium spores from spreading, or search for the crashed Aelion ship.

Your first boss battle depends on the task you are given.

Afterwards, you will visit a few other locations: a base and a research camp of the Draconids. The former can be found next to the administration building that the lizards are trying to get into.

You will have two random tasks at this stage. You’ll have to destroy the airbase, leaving the enemy without air support. Or destroy the station and cut off their lines of communication.

In the research camp, you will have a challenging encounter with the Draconids who are not eager to share their spoils. Enemy reinforcements will keep coming, and you will need to hold your position for a while.

The battle against the final boss, an elite Draconid officer, will take place in the center of the base. The enemy will use an army of drones, so stay alert!

That’s all. Get ready for the new adventure on Terra - purchase the Ignition Collector’s Edition. Get early access to the class and other valuables when you install the update!