The Outlaw: A closer look

A new ranged class is available since October 6th: the Outlaw! Outlaws are master marksmen with their two revolvers and their dynamite sticks, and they also move quickly around the battlefield, hitting their enemies´ most vulnerable spots!

And while we are all waiting for the final Ascension update to come out on October 19th, let us meet the new class!

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This must be the first time when official sources couldn’t find the origins of the new incarnation of the immortals. No mysterious backstories, ancient schools or monasteries; only the harsh reality and a whole bunch of rumors. Peasants that took up weapons, ex-convicts, and hermits that lost their families and friends: the people of Aelion call them simply ‘Outlaws.’ The Council of Gods regards these loner heroes with caution, but to refuse aid in these dire times would be a folly.


In battle, the Outlaws rely on their quickness and skill. They can easily evade their enemies’ attacks and quickly approach their targets to deliver an impressive finishing headshot (do those Mechanoids even have heads?). Armed with a pair of revolvers, they can both shoot single targets with precision and spray hordes of enemies with bullets! They also serve their enemies a whole bunch of dynamite sticks for dessert!

They say that the Outlaws are reckless, but that proves to be nothing but a pretense. When that soldier shifts to their dueling stance, their simple-minded enemies have no clue that in a couple of seconds they will meet their end. Their well-aimed shots hit the most vulnerable spots of their targets, inflicting colossal damage.


  • Rapid Fire. Deals damage to the target, restores energy, and slows down enemies. Every shot gives the Outlaw a stackable Fire Adjustment effect.
  • Sure Shot. Deals significant damage to the enemies in the line of sight. Removes all Fire Adjustment levels and increases its damage for every effect removed.
  • Combat Readiness. After performing two Dashes in a row, the Outlaw receives significantly reduced damage for several seconds and is able to use the Dance of Fools ability.
  • Dance of Fools. Removes all control effects, makes the Outlaw immune to them, and increases movement speed for several seconds. The ability can be used by the context action when the Outlaw is stunned, disoriented, blinded, scared, or disarmed, and can also be used while those effects are active.
  • Whirlwind of Lead. Inflicts damage to enemies surrounding the Outlaw. The closer the enemy is, the more damage they will receive. You can use a Dash without interrupting the ability. Successful hits on three and more enemies have a low chance of applying a Firecracker effect to the Outlaw, that allows them to use one Dancing Grenade with increased damage for free.
  • Dancing Grenade. Throws a grenade in front of them, that bounces off the obstacles and explodes upon hitting an enemy or after some time. Also, when using the Dancing Grenade during the Whirlwind of Lead, the Outlaw will throw several sticks instead of just one in random directions. If several sticks hit the same target, all the sticks except the first one will inflict reduced damage.
  • Dueling Stance. The outlaw shifts to the dueling stance that replaces the Rapid Fire, the Whirlwind of Lead, and the Sure Shot. While in the dueling stance, LMB and RMB will allow you to fire continuous precise shots at a single target, from your left and right revolver correspondingly. After a succession of four alternating shots, the last projectile will inflict an enormous amount of damage, activate the Impulse Charge, and stun the enemy. After that, the Outlaw terminates the stance.
  • The Quick and the Dead. Inflicts damage on enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the Outlaw. The time of the effect grows with the amount of targets. Damage against weak creatures has a high chance of multiplying many times. By using this ability you will stun monsters and slow down the players’ characters.
  • Barrage. Replaces the Outlaw’s Rapid Fire for several seconds. Starts firing special powerful bullets on the enemies in a selected direction that knock them back. Every enemy killed increases the duration of the ability by several seconds, without a total duration limit.


Above, we have listed some of the Outlaw’s abilities. You can find the full list with descriptions in the game.

The Outlaw is a class for those who prefer impressive duels and are used to rely on nobody but themselves! The wide range of attack abilities will allow you to inflict consistent damage on your enemies, and dirty tricks will help you to avoid some unfortunate consequences during the fight. PVE adventures are where the Outlaw truly shines as an attack character, and PvP will leave even the most seasoned warriors in dismay.


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