War Eternal: Squad Adventure Improvements

For players that choose to explore the world of Aelion on their own, Squad Adventures are by far the most common activity that they will complete. After the Ascension update, time was devoted to paying attention to the progress players make in these adventures since, after all, they represent a major part of Skyforge’s Campaign. After several weeks of monitoring, we have noticed that some aspects of certain adventures (mainly the behavior of bosses and the tactics required to defeat them) prove to be confusing to novice players.


In War Eternal, we will lower the difficulty of the aforementioned bosses. However, players that keep playing their current difficulty will still fully employ the current tactics, while those that have been stumbling will have a better chance of leaving victorious!


As an additional note, the change does not only revolve around bosses. At lower difficulty levels, strong enemy groups in certain adventures will also be weakened.
Below, you can find a list of the Adventures where the difficulty of the bosses have been weakened:

  • Saiban Archipelago
  • Borru Catacombs
  • Thorneus’s Camp
  • Mantide Caves
  • Syblian Heights
  • Factorium
  • Alakur Island
  • Okki Island
  • Port Naori
  • Donholk Glacier
  • Kyros Caves


More details regarding the changes will be available when the War Eternal Patch Notes are released. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on Skyforge.com for all the latest news and updates!